Lies Of P: Spectacular Gameplay – Xbox Game Pass Release Date Has Been Revealed! [VIDEO]

If all goes according to plan, Lies of P will arrive on Xbox before the end of this summer.



Lies of P was recently given the August 2023 release window for Xbox Game Pass. So we can expect to see many of this upcoming Game Pass fun game in action in the coming months. To that end, this week’s Game Developer’s Conference gave us another in-depth look at the title. We were treated to a 10+ minute gameplay trailer showing off fresh gameplay.

You can find the video at the end of this article. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in this upcoming Xbox Bloodborne-flavoured butchering fest. It may not be up to FromSoftware’s infamous PS4 title in every way. But it’s certainly reminiscent of developer Elden Ring’s PlayStation-exclusive 2015 game. And it promises to be a really atmospheric one.

Hopefully, we’ll get an exact release date sooner rather than later. In the meantime, Lies of P is currently scheduled for Xbox Game Pass this August!

Source: YouTube

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