DIY iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair Is Painfully Complicated! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – It makes you wonder if Apple didn’t make it so complicated that you’d buy a new device instead of a repair if you dropped the phone.


If you are not well-versed in repairing your products (we aren’t), you might be justified in thinking that you could fix your phone yourself. However, Apple has made this process overly complicated by including a lot of tiny screws and parts in its flagship phone, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, shown in the video below, which you have to examine with a magnifying glass to know which ones go where. Hugh Jeffreys, a YouTuber, got his hands on a 6.7″ iPhone with both front and back damage, but the internal components were intact. The home DIY process was torturous.

Apple has only made it easy to repair the two basic models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, while this is not the case for the higher-end iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Even replacing the battery is a cumbersome task (we could learn a thing or two from Samsung, which currently runs its annoying ad campaign for the Galaxy S23, proving that it could be done much better).

According to Jeffreys, there were several different versions of the screws and a bunch of tiny parts in the phone, and he had to handle them carefully. According to him, even just changing your breathing rhythm (e.g., sneezing) can blow out the tiny parts and even lose them. And there’s a lot of them because there’s hardly any room left on the magnetic mat (which is quite substantial), and Jeffreys says that if he hadn’t had this in his possession when he took it apart, he would undoubtedly have lost some parts. To make matters worse, afterward, we have to remember which parts belong where in Apple’s phone…

The display has been replaced, but iOS doesn’t recognize it as an authentic panel, so the software has turned off auto brightness and True Tone. Finding it out after four and a half hours of installation is a pain…

Source: WCCFTech

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