Xbox Game Pass: Is There Another Day One-Release Coming Soon?!

Another new indie title is coming to Xbox Game Pass, with a confirmed release date of May 2023.



The upcoming indie action game Ravenlok, which has been confirmed to launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one, has finally received its release date. Ravenlok was first revealed at the Xbox Summer 2022 launch as a game promised for the next twelve months, and it looks like it’s just about achieved its goal.

Titled by Cococucumber, the Toronto-based studio behind games like Riverbond and Echo Generation, Ravenlok is a third-person action RPG set in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired fantasy world with a charming voxel art style.

Ravenlok joins a slew of first-day releases coming to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in the coming weeks. These include The Last Case of Benedict Fox, as well as Xbox Minecraft Legends and Redfall.

Cococucumber took to Twitter to announce Ravenlok’s upcoming May 4 release date. The fact that the indie title comes just two days after the release of Xbox’s big, first-party Redfall should be worrying. However, the two games differ significantly in scope, genre and style. They are likely to attract different player bases.

Considering Cococucumber’s previous titles, Ravenlok combines elements of the studio’s best-known games. Riverbond was an isometric action game. On the other hand, Echo Generation was a turn-based RPG released in 2019 and 2021, respectively, and each featured an increasingly detailed voxel art style. Now, Ravenlok boasts the most complex voxel-based character design and environment Cococucumber has ever presented. They’ve even thrown in some non-voxel 3D tools. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have so far enjoyed a bountiful 2023.

Big games such as Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush, Team Ninja Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Mundfish’s Atomic Heart have graced the subscription service in recent months.

So far this year, relatively few indie games have been released. With as many blockbuster titles as Hogwarts Legacy recently dominating the zeitgeist as Resident Evil 4, gamers will once again see a steady stream of new indie games in the coming months. Ravenlok can help Game Pass lead the way on this front too.

Source: Twitter

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