The Exorcist: the studio took a big risk

MOVIE NEWS – The new Exorcist film can be called a breakthrough, as the production studio Blumhouse deviates from the proven business model. Since its founding in 2000, the studio has achieved great success with high-quality horror films with a budget of 3-5 million dollars, which is a pittance in the American film industry.


Typical Blumhouse films such as Paraphenomena, Night of Sin or Insidious: On the Body outside, following their great success, they developed into a franchise, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

The idea is that if Blum films don’t go to theaters, but are only distributed on cable TV, streaming channels or DVD, they won’t make a big loss, maybe they promise even a modest profit, but cinema distribution already brings many times more profit. The method has worked, the total income of Blumhouse’s productions now exceeds 5 billion dollars, so the budget of the studio’s films has slowly started to rise. The Invisible Man has already been made for 7 million, and recent big hits like Halloween Murderer or Black Phone already cost 18 million.

Blumhouse’s first really big release, at least from a financial point of view, will be the expensively produced Exorcist, to which Blum says he has never taken such a risk. Still, you can almost be sure, because it is a well-built brand, the original film is a classic of the genre, five sequels and a successful series were made in its wake, so the audience will know what they bought a ticket for.

However, the producer believes that the future belongs to new original stories, because viewers are tired of sequels and reboots. The pioneer of this new era is Blum, who has recorded 125 productions, whose work includes such auteur films as Give Up!, Whiplash and The Hoods : BlacKkKlansman – nominated for an Oscar.

(The Exorcist – domestic release: October 12, 2023.)

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