Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Two New Characters May Be Coming, But It Looks Like Someone’s Missing…

A fan has spotted that the download card for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers another glimpse of two new characters from the trailer. But someone hasn’t even appeared in the latter, and fans are starting to worry.



An eagle-eyed fan spots another glimpse of two new characters recently introduced in the download card for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Both characters were first seen in the third trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. They appeared alongside other descendants of champions and other key characters in the story, such as Zelda and Ganondorf. However, these characters were given another glimpse in a different context via the Switch downloadable game cards released in Japan.

The card in question was first spotted by Twitter user Kirbtastic16, who spotted the device on a Japanese stand.

From there, he took a picture of the card’s interior. It contained various gameplay images. One of them features the two new characters introduced in the third trailer, who fans have long speculated about their roles and where they appear in the Tears of the Kingdom storyline. The character, with animal-like ears and a strange arm, is considered a member of the mysterious Zonai tribe. But the white-haired Zelda lookalike has been the subject of several theories. She could be the goddess Hylia, Zelda in disguise, or someone else entirely.

Other screenshots on the download card provide further interesting historical details. There is a glimpse of Ganondorf’s version of Tears of the Kingdom, where he is seen as a shrivelled corpse before his body fully recovers. We also get to see him using his dark magic. Zelda is also shown from a slightly different angle to the trailer, climbing a mountain while wielding the master sword. Finally, the bottom half of the Switch download card shows a series of wall murals depicting something mysterious.


Is Yunobo missing from Tears of the Kingdom?!


Following the release of three trailers for the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, some fans are worried about a particular character who seems to be missing. Based on the three trailers for the game, many fans have questioned why Goron’s character Yunobo is not shown. As Yunobo was a significant character in Breath of the Wild, some fans are suspicious that the character is missing from the promotional trailers for Tears of the Kingdom. Yunobo’s absence has led some to speculate that Nintendo intentionally leaves him out of the game’s plot.

On Twitter, some fans are pointing to Nintendo’s tweets as evidence that something happened to Yunobo, as Nintendo tweeted the official artwork of Link’s friends, which also has Goron missing.

There are theories that since Ganondorf has been confirmed as the villain of Tears of the Kingdom, his first move after his revival will be to target Death Mountain and the Gorons. Other fans, however, have suggested that Yunobo is in the game but only in scenes seen in the trailers, off-screen.

No confirmation is likely until the game’s release in May. But it seems suspicious that Nintendo has not shared any promotional material featuring Yunobo. It could just be a coincidence. However, Nintendo is known for being purposeful in everything it releases, so it’s not dramatic if fans are worried. If anything, it just makes the wait for Tears of the Kingdom feel even longer.

Source: Dexerto, Imgur

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