Have Hogwarts Legacy Developers Already Started A New Game?!

Following the overwhelming success of Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche Software has begun work on its yet-to-be-announced next project.



Avalanche Software is looking ahead to its next big title after Hogwarts Legacy. The release of the infamous Harry Potter game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is fast approaching. This will presumably lead to another wave of success for the game. But Avalanche Software is already hard at work on a new project.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Hogwarts Legacy will be available on May 5, while the Nintendo Switch equivalent will hit online and physical stores on July 25.

Unfortunately, the game’s director Alan Tew has previously stated that no DLC is currently planned, so it’s more likely that Avalanche Software is already focused on another project.

What is certain is that Avalanche Software is looking for a software engineer to join their team. The job advertisement cites the studio’s success with Hogwarts Legacy as a lure for applicants. But, specifically, they are looking to hire for “an unannounced AAA console title”. The rest of the advert gives no further indication as to the nature of the project. It merely lists the requirements for a software engineer of the calibre required by a company of Avalanche’s calibre, leaving fans to guess. True, Alan Tew has said that there are currently no plans for DLC.

But gamers are stuck on the wording, hoping that “currently” means that there will be room for Avalanche to develop one or more DLC in the future.

The ad could therefore refer to the expansion of Hogwarts Legacy with DLCs. However, given the game’s success, it could also be that Warner Bros. is already planning to develop the next Wizarding World title. Fans have been asking for a Quidditch DLC to be added to the game for quite some time. After all, the pitch is already present in the game, and players would love to use it. The third option is for Warner Bros. to give the Wizarding World a rest. A completely different project could be in the works, which has nothing to do with the J.K. Rowling universe.

Historically, very few companies have not used their title’s success to spawn sequels. Avalanche, however, may be splitting its attention between Hogwarts Legacy and a game with a different theme.

Source: Avalanche Software

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