World Of War(craft): The Russian-Ukrainian War Doesn’t Spare Twitch Streamers Either…

A World of Warcraft Twitch streamer in Ukraine had his recent broadcast briefly interrupted when the Russian army attacked the city…



A Ukrainian World of Warcraft streamer was forced to interrupt his broadcast. The Russian army had just attacked the city he was streaming from. Although the WoW content creator was fortunately unharmed, the experience was still horrifying.

Ukrainian World of Warcraft fan and Twitch star Punisher3d is a popular streamer with over 54,000 followers.

However, one of Punisher3d’s recent World of Warcraft Twitch streams was horrifyingly interrupted. While questing in Valdrakken, he heard noises that sounded almost like thunder. When the sirens and explosions went off, all doubt was dispelled about what was happening in the background. The clip shared on Reddit shows a small portion of the event. The attack and Punisher3d’s reaction can be seen and heard in the stream starting at 2:50:00.

Fans who saw the clip confirmed that Punisher3d was fortunately not in any immediate danger. The Russian missiles and drones that targeted the city were probably a little further away from his home despite their volume. After several phone calls, Punisher3d came to the same conclusion and bravely continued streaming for another two hours.

Punisher3d’s fellow fans reacted to his plight with a mixture of morbid humour and sympathy in a Reddit post sharing the clip. Some fans joked that his priorities were in order as he continued to play WoW regardless of what was happening outside. Others expressed anger at the situation. It’s really terrible that civilians have to go through this kind of thing.

Regardless, players from both Ukraine and Russia have come together to express their opposition to the war and Putin.

The fact that Punisher3d had to go through this event at all is terrible. The war between Russia and Ukraine is terrible for civilians. They cannot even play safely in their own homes without fear of an attack on their town. Beyond the tragic loss of life, there are other losses for the gaming community. Hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens opposed to the war have been cut off from several gaming services as companies have severed ties with Ukraine in solidarity with the country. Hopefully, the war will end soon so everyone can live and play peacefully.

Source: Reddit

Ukrainian streams WoW while russia attacking his city
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