The Last Of Us: Season 2 Delayed Due To Writers’ Strike – Could A Crucial Scene Be Omitted?!

MOVIE NEWS – The Last of Us is the latest series to be affected by the WGA writers’ strike, as casting for the second season is currently on hiatus, and scripts remain unwritten.



Casting for season 2 of The Last of Us has been suspended while the Writers Guild of America strike for fair pay continues.

Although filming for season 2 of The Last of Us was supposed to begin in a few months, Variety reports that pre-production on the series is on hold amid the WGA strike.

Before that, sources say the casting team used dialogue from the second episode of The Last of Us in auditions. The scripts for the series are currently unwritten. Showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are also reportedly not working on The Last of Us season 2. Mazin himself has joined the picket line. As a result, filming on the series is unlikely to start until early 2024.


Could that particular scene from The Last of Us season 2 be omitted…?


(WARNING, spoiler alert!)

A teaser for season 2 of The Last of Us reveals that the series may be skipping one of the most critical scenes in the game. The second season of the HBO series will focus on the second game, which is controversial for its story and some important reveals. The first season was incredibly faithful to the source material. It appears that the second season may be different, with promotional materials suggesting that a huge scene may be cut.

Showrunner Neil Druckmann hinted at Abby’s arrival in season 2 of The Last of Us in an Instagram post. It shows the first poster for the second season of the HBO series. The poster shows Abby’s arm clutching a hammer against a forest backdrop that includes several burning cars. This is clearly a reference to Abby’s forest scene, which takes place after she has already killed Joel in the game’s second episode.

Using the forest scene to promote season two is an odd choice, as it is far from the most iconic scene in the game. However, it would make sense if the story skipped over Joel’s death.

It’s possible that The Last of Us season 2 will jump straight to Abby’s solo storyline and play with the timeline so that we don’t see Abby’s horrific act until much later.

While such a timeline jump might seem odd, it actually makes sense. Players had a hard time sympathising with Abby in the second part of The Last of Us. After all, she already killed Joel in her first scene. But the timeline jump in season 2 may remedy that problem. This way, viewers will get to know Abby before they know what she did to Joel.

Plus, the omission of Joel’s death adds another layer of mystery to Season 2. The forest sequence makes it clear that Abby did something terrible. But the series is yet to reveal what it is. Delaying the reveal of Joel’s death until later in the series could be a massive twist for viewers unfamiliar with the game.

Source: Variety, Instagram

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