Alan Wake 2: Did They Accidentally Tell Us When The Game Is Coming?!

The voice actor of Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake 2 made some very interesting comments during a podcast.



In an interview with the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast, Matthew Porretta, the voice actor for Alan Wake 2, revealed that the game is due for release sometime in October 2023. He added that he flew over to Remedy’s offices in Finland last week to work on the game.

He did not have much to share about the game itself. He said the upcoming star game will be “very, very good”. He added that it would be a challenging and scary game and that Remedy Entertainment is doing “amazing things”.

If Porretta’s words are correct, this means that Remedy will announce a release date sometime soon. Presumably, at one of the PlayStation or Xbox Showcase events.

We’ve previously reported that development on Alan Wake 2 is progressing nicely and that the game promises to be a ‘proper’ next-gen showcase.

XboxEra co-founder and co-host of the XboxEra Podcast, Shpeshal Nick, took to Twitter to say that he heard that development on Alan Wake 2 was pretty far along. He also said it would deliver a “true” next-gen experience. He further suggested that the publisher Epic Games has invested seriously in the Alan Wake sequel.

Nick didn’t give too much away. But his information is consistent with Porretta’s statement about the game’s release. Also, with what we have already known about the game. Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake and the game’s director Kyle Rowley have also spoken about the game. They previously revealed that Alan Wake 2 would be the studio’s biggest and most ambitious game to date. Or that the game will be an authentic survival horror experience.

If you’re interested in hearing exactly what Porretta said, the podcast can be found at the link below. You can listen to the voice actor’s comments on the appearance at around minute 18.

Source: Monsters, Madness and Magic

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