Explore the Fabulous Fantasy China for the Price of a Hot and Sour Soup in the Award-Winning Bioware Game!

You can now buy one of Bioware’s most famous action role-playing games, Jade Empire: Special Edition, at a discounted price in the Steam online store, where you can experience the exciting world of martial arts and magic in medieval China. But hurry up, because the offer is only valid until May 29!


Jade Empire: Special Edition is a PC game released in 2007, which is an adaptation and expansion of the 2005 Xbox game Jade Empire. In the game, you play as a young martial artist who grows up in a remote rural village, but soon discovers that his fate is linked to much bigger things.

During the game, you will have many adventures, where you can learn about the rich elements of Chinese mythology and culture, and choose between the path of the Open Palm and the Closed Fist, which affect the gameplay and the ending.

Jade Empire: Special Edition brought several new features to the original game, such as new fighting styles, weapons, monsters, difficulty level and playable character. The game’s graphics also improved and support higher resolution and new visual effects. The game was recognized with several awards, including IGN’s Game of the Year award.

Jade Empire: Special Edition now costs only $1.49 in the Steam online store, which is the price of a hot and sour soup in a Chinese restaurant. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know this fantastic game that will surely keep you hooked for hours. But don’t hesitate too long, because the offer is only valid until May 29!

If you like action role-playing games, martial arts and Chinese culture, then this game is for you! Order Jade Empire: Special Edition today in the Steam online store and explore the Fabulous Fantasy China!

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