[PSSC-2023] Spider-Man 2 Gets Two New Trailers, Confirming Important Rumours! [VIDEO]

Two new trailers for Spider-Man 2 confirm the symbiote suit and other new gameplay features fans can expect at launch.



Sony closed its big PlayStation Showcase event with the first look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay. They confirmed that the open-world superhero game will have significant new features. Insomniac Games has hit the big time with its first open-world Spider-Man game. So understandably, expectations are high for the sequel.

The unveiling trailer for Spider-Man 2 confirmed little about the new game beyond the fact that Peter Parker and Miles Morales will team up against Venom.

The new gameplay footage gives fans much more to chew on. We’ve learned more about the game’s story, for example. As has been rumoured for a while, the game will see Kraven the Hunter appear in New York. Kraven and his thugs are hunting Lizard, aka Curt Connors. This brings them into direct conflict with Spider-Man. Harry Osborn is on the brink of death. It seems the only man who can save him is Connors. So in a futile attempt to save him from Kraven, Peter Parker and Miles Morales are on a rampage with Lizard.

The gameplay trailer shows a very long excerpt. It begins with Peter Parker fighting Kraven’s thugs in the suburbs of Queens. Parker is now wearing the symbiote suit, giving him access to a new set of abilities. These were not available in the original game. Peter quickly kills the hunters, and then the option appears to switch to Miles in Harlem immediately.

This confirms the theory that Spider-Man 2 will feature a GTA 5-style character-swapping mechanic.

In the gameplay, Miles comes face-to-face with Lizard during the gameplay session, and eventually, he and Peter reunite and team up. Notably, both Miles and Peter have web wings. This was hinted at in the recent Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer. Finally, the gameplay trailer ends with Lizard running away and Peter chasing him. Miles notices that Peter seems to have a much more aggressive personality than usual. This suggests that the symbiote suit is already having a negative effect on his personality.

Unfortunately, no official release date for the Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer has been announced. However, PlayStation fans have been assured that the game will arrive sometime in the autumn. If the full game can live up to the incredible footage seen in the trailer, then it’s safe to say that it will definitely be the game of the year.

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