[PSSC-2023] Alan Wake 2 Is More Frightening Than We Thought – Here’s The New Trailer & Release Date! [VIDEO]

Alan Wake 2 has received a stunning new gameplay trailer that confirms the new playable character and shows clear Resident Evil 2 remake influences.



Alan Wake 2 has been revealed with a new gameplay trailer at the PlayStation Showcase event. The trailer confirmed the game’s new playable character, who is not the titular Alan Wake. The game from Remedy Entertainment has been highly anticipated for years. But the PlayStation Showcase was the first time fans got to see gameplay.

The first reveal trailer for Alan Wake 2, set for 2021, confirmed that Alan Wake would return, that PC and next-gen consoles are the targeted platforms, and that 2023 is the planned release year.

But that’s all we got from it. A new trailer for the game confirms many more details about the upcoming survival horror, including a firm release date.

The release date for Alan Wake 2 is October 17, when it will be released for PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. Pre-orders are available now. The trailer introduces a new playable character, Saga Anderson (played by Melanie Liburd.) Anderson is an FBI agent investigating a mysterious murder in Bright Falls. His investigation intersects with the story of Alan Wake. Anderson is joined by a character apparently played by Sam Lake, the game’s lead writer and creative director.

In gameplay footage from the trailer, Anderson explores an abandoned convenience store. The camera’s over-the-shoulder perspective resembles the Resident Evil 2 remake and other recent RE games. Someone or something then bursts through the wall in a rather impressive jump-scare moment. All of this underlines Remedy’s claim that Alan Wake 2 will be more of a pure horror experience.

It should be noted that although Anderson was the main character in the new Alan Wake 2 trailer, he won’t be the only playable character in the game.

We know of at least two playable protagonists. Players will sometimes play Anderson, who will be exploring Bright Falls. At other times, they’ll play as Alan Wake, trapped in the Dark Place, a “nightmarish version of New York City”. This could provide a lot of variety. It will be interesting to see if Remedy can pull this off.

Remedy’s impressive track record means that there is a good chance that the game will live up to expectations. It could be another great horror game in a year that has already been packed with some of the best releases in the genre.

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