Londoners Go Crazy For Wes Anderson

MOVIE NEWS – The new craze on TikTok is spreading through viral videos: Londoners present their lives as if they had stepped out of a Wes Anderson film. Anyone who has seen the director’s films – for example The Grand Budapest Hotel, Holdfény kérályság or The French Edition – you know what it’s about.


If you don’t know, thanks to the kindness of the people on TikTok, you can watch a tutorial video, where they explain in detail how you can make a short, vibrantly colorful and fun music-backed etude, like Anderson. First, you have to look deeply into the camera, and then there’s an ironic caption like, “Don’t act like you’re in a Wes Anderson movie.” The settings must be symmetrical and the camera must not shake, but make 90 or 180 degree turns and always have a perpendicular angle of view.

This TikTok trend fits well with another trend that has flooded YouTube. We can come across videos that parody cult films – Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter – in the style of Wes Anderson. These videos were created by artificial intelligence, and this is exactly what The Guardian critic Stuart Heritage sees as the problem. According to him, artificial intelligence can imitate things imperfectly by putting together existing characteristic elements, which can be fun to a certain extent, but it lacks something: the original talent.

The genius that is Wes Anderson’s own.

Fortunately, originality is not lacking in Anderson’s new film, Asteroid City, which takes you to a desert city where the participants of a festive event will be part of amazing adventures. As is usual with Anderson, in addition to the protagonist Scarlett Johansson and Tom Hanks, stars also appear in minor roles, such as Tilda Swinton, >Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton and Jeff Goldblum.

Asteroid City is one of the big attractions of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival.

The News Shopper gathered some great examples of London Anderson TikTok videos:

(Asteroid City – domestic release: June 8, 2023)


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