Ryan Gosling Stunts in Action Comedy

MOVIE NEWS – Ryan Gosling has already played a stuntman in the drama Drive, and soon we will see him again in this role, but now the genre is action comedy.


A stuntman from The Fall Guy is asked by his ex (Emily Blunt) to work first in his direction, which is a desert action film, but the rather unpleasant star of the production (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) disappears, and our hero is forced to take action in real life. There is no need to worry that we will be treated with lukewarm chihipuh, because the director is David Leitch, who was originally a stuntman himself, so he learned firsthand what makes a really great action movie. He proved his knowledge with such explosive successes as Deadly Pace: Hobbs and Shaw, Atomic Blonde and John Wick. The Fall Guy does not miss the opportunity to take the viewer behind the scenes of a film shoot, and not to poke fun at Hollywood. But the production also pays tribute to the performance of the dream factory, with particular regard to the work of its rarely mentioned day laborers, the stuntmen.

“David knows what and how to tell a story about blockbusters,” producer Kelly McCormick told Collider. – There are a lot of real stunts in the film, without tricks, so we express our appreciation for the stuntmen and in general for everyone who contributes almost anonymously to making a film an entertaining spectacle.”

By the way, the line-up may be familiar to American viewers, because the series The Fall Guy ran for five years in the early eighties, in which the stunt hero (Lee Majors) acts as a bounty hunter between two shoots . The series was made with a high budget and great craftsmanship, which is suitable for the standards of the era, so it can still be watched today.

(The Fall Guy – domestic release: February 29, 2024.)

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