RIDE 5: Milestone’s New Motorbike Game Is Promising – Here’s A Gameplay Taster! [VIDEO]

Milestone is no joke when it comes to motorcycling – and as for RIDE 5, if it delivers half of what it promises, it will be worth a try!



RIDE 5, as we’ve known for a while, will be Milestone’s first game designed exclusively for a new-generation system. They intend to showcase its potential through a series of technical improvements. The motorcycles, for example, will be enhanced, focusing on glass, material rendering and polygonal rendering.

This will allow for greater fidelity to the original bikes and a more realistic representation in the game. A new system also handles the representation of clouds. The latter physically reacts to changes in light, and which, thanks to the implementation of dynamic weather, makes the environment even more atmospheric and unpredictable.

The physics are also promised to be improved, with more customisable parameters and greater precision, while the player’s rivals will be controlled by an artificial intelligence that will have different levels of antagonism, making them more or less aggressive when overtaking.

The creation of an exclusively next-generation game has allowed the developers to offer all these features at the same time. And with up to 20 opponents on the track at the same time.

RIDE 5 also focuses on being accessible to everyone. So that even less experienced players who are getting into the saddle for the first time are guaranteed to have fun. The neural aids will help beginners. They will be able to enjoy a less steep learning curve and find the right level of challenge. At the same time, the more accessible play doesn’t mean dumbing down.

By turning off the aids and setting the difficulty to maximum simulation, the program will be highly realistic and challenging.

The game really allows you to ride on real or original tracks and roads. As well as to develop your own bikes, to change the livery of the bikes (using your own or other users’ livery, thanks to the in-game editor) and to customise the rider. What’s more, you can drive more than just the bikes you see in the World Championship. On the contrary, we will also be able to test more popular or less popular commercially available types.

As for the maps, the new original track that will debut in RIDE 5 focuses on the Pacific Ocean. It will be visually stunning but also very demanding. It will combine suggestive views with challenging turns and braking points, adding a host of exciting features to the environment.

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