[SGF-2023] New Video Game Role Of Nicolas Cage Promises To Be Amazing! [VIDEO]

In Dead by Daylight, Nicolas Cage plays an “exaggerated” version of himself, and in more ways than one!



Actor Nicolas Cage is coming to Dead by Daylight! The Oscar-winning actor appeared at Summer Game Fest 2023 to promote the game and talk about how the collaboration came about.

Appearing on stage alongside host Geoff Keighley, the star said he was “always looking for new adventures” and felt joining a video game was the right next step. He said being in the video game would help him reach a “whole new audience” of video game fans.

He said it only took a “split second” for him to say yes to playing Dead by Daylight, adding that someone in his family is a big fan of the game.

Cage will play his own Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight. He will also be providing the voice for his character, including screams, growls and any “minimal exasperated expression”. He will play a “heightened, exaggerated version” of himself, hiking through the woods to a place where he thinks he’s making a movie. But he wakes up in a fog, surrounded by crows and serial killers. “It’s rather amusing,” Cage said.

Cage is coming to Dead by Daylight on July 25 for PC and console. But PC players can dive into the game with the Player Test Build of the game starting July 5.

As for Cage, he recently played Dracula in the movie Renfield. And his next significant role is in Sympathy for the Devil, for which a trailer has just been released.

Source: YouTube

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