[XGS 2023] New Fable Finally Gets A Charming Trailer! [VIDEO]

The latest Fable game finally got an actual trailer, in which not everything is as it seems…



The trailer for Fable starts off with a mouth-watering interview with a guy. He simply wants to grow his vegetables in a fantasy world. But it’s not long before he turns out to be the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. He’s talking about a fantasy world of heroes and monsters before he’s interrupted by an adventurer who has to smash him to pieces. The trailer didn’t really show any gameplay. However, it was indicated that everything we saw was in-game footage, so it looks pretty spectacular.

It’s been 13 years since Fable III, the last mainline entry in the Fable series, was released, and on Xbox 360, which in itself shows what an ancient event we’re talking about.

The game is supposed to be Fable 4, after all. However, the developers at Playground Games have decided not to add a number to the title. Hopefully, we won’t confuse this episode with the 2004 instalment of the game. The series was developed by Peter Molyneux and Lionshead Studios back then.

The studio was acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Molyneux left in 2016 (and now makes NFT games), and the studio closed its doors later that year. The series hasn’t had a new game since. At least if you don’t count the collectible card game Fortunes, released in 2017. The 2023 episode will hopefully return to its old form. What do we expect? Fantastic creatures, a good/evil morality system, and – my favourite – the chance to forgo all of the aforementioned to gut our merry people as a humble landlord.

Fable will also be available on Game Pass, but when that will happen – or when the game will be released – is yet to be seen.

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