[XGS 2023] Starfield Controller, Headset & Performance – See The Gameplay Trailer & The Latest Info! [VIDEO]

The Starfield gameplay trailer was finally unveiled during the Xbox Game Showcase. Afterwards, Bethesda’s Todd Howard talked about his experience and playing on Xbox Series S.



Todd Howard plays Starfield on Xbox Series S whenever he’s at home. He says the game performs well on the more consumer-friendly Xbox Series X model. Indeed, many fans were probably sceptical about the Series S’s performance. That’s good news given how ambitious Starfield looks, which was shown off today during the Starfield Direct portion of the Xbox Games Showcase.

Following a short trailer, fans were treated to around thirty minutes of Starfield information, including ship customisation, combat, planets, character building and more.

If there was anything fans wanted to see from Starfield, it was probably there. Even how a fan of the game looks and acts.

After the Xbox Games Showcase came to a fitting end, a particular panel discussion was held on the future of Xbox. Here, Howard also appeared to talk about his experiences with the game. He revealed that when he’s at home, he plays it on his Xbox Series S. (His kids play it on their Xbox Series X.) He also noted that it runs beautifully. However, he did not give any specifics. In any case, this is good news for those who play exclusively on Series S. Probably also a benefit of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. Instead of working on multiple platforms, Bethesda can now focus on PC and Xbox Series X/S.






Starfield controller, headset and everything a collector could want


Starfield-themed gadgets have been one of Bethesda’s worst-kept secrets in recent months. Both the controller and the Xbox headset have been popping up at some retailers ahead of their announcement on 11 June. So their unveiling probably came as no surprise to fans following the game’s newsfeed.

The LPV6 Chronomark Watch appears to be a one-to-one replica of the wristwatch used by Starfield players in the game.

The timepiece has some basic smartwatch functionality, such as the ability to send notifications from your phone. However, the device does not have a touch screen, does not support mobile services and cannot forward phone calls. The “LPV6” part of the name should not be confused with the IP classification. There is no indication that the device’s casing is in any way protected against the elements.

The Wand Company, a British manufacturer, makes the timepiece itself. Although the LPV6 Chronomark Watch is unlikely to offer much value beyond being a collector’s item, that doesn’t mean Bethesda will have a problem selling Starfield Constellation Edition, one of the most anticipated AAA games of 2023.

Both the headset and controller have been announced as limited editions. But there is no indication that there is any danger of running out of stock. Ultimately, both appear to be reimagined versions of mass-produced Xbox accessories. So presumably, Microsoft will sell them for as long as it sees fit.

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