[XGS 2023] Long-Awaited 2023 Game Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass! [VIDEO]

The developers have confirmed when the game will arrive on Xbox Game Pass following its unveiling at the Xbox Games Showcase.



Payday 3 was confirmed during the Xbox Games Showcase when it would be coming to Xbox Game Pass. A 2023 release date was revealed earlier this year, but now Xbox users have a definite date.

It was just a few days ago when a rumour leaked online about the release date of Payday 3. It has since been revealed that it was entirely correct. Developer Overkill Software has been generally quiet about the game until now. It was working in the background to get it ready for release. Official commentary on the title was undoubtedly hard to come by. Hopefully, the new trailer (see at the end of this article) will reveal much about the highly anticipated game.

Although Payday 3 has been advertised by Overkill Software for a couple of years now, it hasn’t been clear exactly when it will be coming to Xbox Games Pass.

However, during the Xbox Games Showcase, it was confirmed that Payday 3 will arrive on the service on its first day of release, September 21, 2023. Microsoft has been launching many games on Game Pass from day one lately. Payday 3 is another big name on the list. After such a long time without a game from the series, it’s exciting news that gamers will be able to play it if they subscribe to the service.

The gameplay itself looks intense. The high-octane heist action fits in perfectly with previous Payday games. It does not look like there has been a massive improvement in gameplay. That’s fine. Overkill Software has perfected a formula that works. Shaking it up at this point may be an unnecessary risk, as the player expects the familiar experience. Also, for those who want a completely different experience, there are plenty of wonderful Payday 2 mods to download and try.

Payday 2 was released in August 2013. So by the time the sequel arrives, it will have been over a decade since the previous game. Given its success, it’s a massive surprise that the studio waited so long to make a sequel. To Overkill Software’s credit, it continued to release content for Payday 2 long after others had long since let it die. The result was a community ready to get Payday 3 on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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