Diablo IV: Could One Of Diablo III’s Most Popular Features Return?!

Over the years, Diablo III has become a very sophisticated game. Now many Diablo IV players are sorely missing some of its more convenient features.



In fact, Diablo IV was a much more sophisticated game at launch than Diablo III was at its rocky start. But players still miss some of the more convenient features of Blizzard’s new title. From the game’s disappointing treasure goblins to the way Legendary Powers work to the Aspect system, there are numerous examples of fans feeling that the third instalment had a better approach. Fortunately, the developers showed during the Campfire Chat that they would listen to the Diablo community and concede to most of their demands.

The first season of Diablo IV will begin in mid-July, and players will receive the first batch of patches aimed at making the game better.

Players are expected to make new characters each season. But some are hoping that Blizzard will reconsider the introduction of Diablo III’s Rebirth feature. The biggest issue remains the lack of convenience surrounding the current gameplay systems.

A decent way to increase convenience would be to take another beloved feature from Diablo III. Delling_Rembran opened a simple thread on the official Diablo IV subreddit. He showed that players sorely miss the loot-collecting pets from the previous game. The initial iteration of this feature came in the form of the Puzzle Ring. This gave players a treasure goblin minion who collected trash items and gold from the ground before being spat out as a Rare or Legendary. Since then, the system has been expanded to include many different pets. It has now become a core element of the Diablo III endgame.

Of course, it could be argued that making the game too convenient takes away some of the appeal of Diablo IV.

But the lack of many of the game’s quality features gives the impression that the game systems do not work harmoniously. Suggested concepts such as expanding the Codex of Power, introducing a gem bag, or even adding loot-collecting pets would help streamline Diablo IV without removing the gameplay cycle.

Ultimately, the fact that the game is a live service title could prove to be its greatest asset in the long run. Developers will have enough resources to develop the game into the ultimate Diablo experience. Many gamers agree that the potential is certainly there, and with two expansions already on the way for Diablo IV, there are plenty of directions for development.

Source: Reddit

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