Can Star Wars Outlaws Skip One Of The Most Important Game Platforms?!

According to the official website, Star Wars Outlaws will bypass one of the biggest distributors of PC games when it launches next year.



Star Wars Outlaws will be released for PC sometime next year. However, it may not be available on the increasingly popular Steam platform. After nearly two years of speculation, Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment finally unveiled their new open-world Star Wars game at the Summer Game Fest in June.

Although Star Wars Outlaws won’t be released until sometime next year, much has already been revealed about the setting, characters and gameplay.

As revealed in a live stream of Ubisoft Forward 2023, players will take control of Kay. Kay will be doing various jobs for all sorts of Star Wars criminal factions. He’ll also take control of his loyal sidekick, Nix, and engage in thrilling space battles against the mighty Imperial fleet. The supporting cast of Star Wars Outlaws has also sparked much online debate. For example, Kay’s mysterious sidekick Jalen looks suspiciously like Kyle Katarn from the old Star Wars: Jedi Knight games.

Many fans are looking forward to exploring the galaxy’s criminal underworld far, far away. But the title’s release may miss out on one of the industry’s biggest digital platforms. Ubisoft’s official SW Outlaws website lists all the available platforms for the game. This includes PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Ubisoft Connect. However, there is no mention of Steam. This is often the number one source of PC game releases. This has led some to speculate that Star Wars Outlaws will only be available on Ubisoft’s own PC game store at launch.

Ubisoft Connect, first introduced in 2012 as Uplay, has served as the publisher’s in-house hub for digital game distribution, online multiplayer and achievement/trophy management for Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Watch Dogs.

However, the service has come under criticism over the years. However, Ubisoft Connect users benefit from several features, such as cross-platform support. According to a recent leak, Ubisoft plans to redesign Ubisoft Connect to make it more like the Epic Games Store.

Despite Epic publishing exclusive games such as Fortnite, it’s rare enough that a PC video game release leaves Steam entirely. However, it looks like Star Wars Outlaws will do just that when it jumps into hyperspace next year.

Source: Ubisoft

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