A Familiar Face from the First Video Game Shows Up in The Witcher Season 3, But Doesn’t Enjoy His Return for Long!

MOVIE NEWS – The latest season of Netflix’s hit series features a character who might be familiar to the fans of the video games, but not so much to the readers of the novels. Who is he, and why is he important? We’ll tell you!


In the first episode of The Witcher season 3, Geralt gets a special mission: he has to kill an assassin who is plotting against the kings. The assassin’s name is The Professor, and he is a very strange-looking fellow: bald, bespectacled, and wearing glasses. The Professor is none other than a minor character from the Witcher novels, who also faces Geralt in the first game.

In the novels, The Professor goes by the name of Ralf Blunden, and he is part of a team of assassins hired by Nilfgaard to capture Ciri. The other members of the team include Leo Bonhart, Rience and Skellen. However, The Professor never meets Ciri, because Geralt kills him in Brokilon forest.

In the video games, The Professor has a different story and is a member of the Salamandra criminal organization, which wants to get the mutagens that can create new witchers. The Professor tries to kill Geralt several times, but always fails. Finally, in Vizima, they have their final showdown, where Geralt cuts off his head.

In the Netflix series, The Professor’s return is a clear nod to the video games, as he wears glasses, which are his trademark accessory in the first game. The series’ creators show that they respect and appreciate the video games’ fans, who have done a lot to popularize the Witcher universe. However, The Professor doesn’t enjoy his return for long, as Geralt cuts off his head again, and closes this chapter for good.

The Witcher season 3 premiered on Netflix on December 17th, and has already received great acclaim from viewers and critics alike. The series is still based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, but sometimes sneaks in some references or elements from the video games. If you haven’t seen the new season yet, you should catch up, as it has many exciting and surprising twists!

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