Diablo IV: Do We Already Know Where the First Expansion Will Take Place?!

The Diablo IV lore book, the Book of Lorath, is about some of the events that take place after the campaign story. (Note: SPOILER WARNING regarding the game and the Book of Lorath!)



The Book of Lorath may have just vented where Diablo IV expansions might occur. By detailing some of the events that take place after the game’s campaign, this lore book may hint at where to visit next.

The end of the Diablo IV storyline left the door open for a sequel. Neyrelle has escaped with the Soul Stone containing the essence of Mephisto, Lorath Nahr is the last of the Horadrim, and the Church of Light is hunting the player and all of his allies.

While the Diablo IV story itself is on hiatus until the expansion, the Book of Lorath, the lore book that accompanies it, further explains what happens next.

The volume was written by Lorath Nahr himself within the universe. It details the events before, during and after the game. As Neyrelle wanders Sanctuary to find a way to destroy Mephisto once and for all, Lorath is hot on her trail. Along the way, he discovers the letters she left him. Wowhead has catalogued these letters for easy viewing, and has even created a map showing where their journey has led, with the soulstone representing Neyrelle and the Horadrim icon representing Lorath.



Diablo IV



Neyrelle visited the following locations during her Diablo IV odyssey:


  • She visited Lorath’s hut outside Kyovashad and left him the first letter.
  • She passed through Yelesna, which fell victim to the corruption of the “Hatred” by her presence.
  • Neyrelle crossed the Twin Seas from Kurast, but her presence in the city rekindled old hatreds from the rise of Mephisto 70 years ago.
  • His trail disappears in Ivgorod, the city of the monks of Diablo III, where he has received training from the reluctant Sages on how to
  • prevent Mephisto’s corruption.


In his pursuit, Lorath’s path led him to familiar places such as Westmarch, Tristram and Lut Gholein. But in these places, he found no trace of Neyrelle. He also made his way to new locations, such as the Skovos Islands and Xiansai, home of the Diablo III wizard class.

Whether it’s iconic locations like Tristram or new ones like Ivgorod or Xiansai, the Book of Lorath casts a wide net for where players can go in the expansion under development for Diablo IV.

Either way, the situation looks bleak. According to the Book of Lorath, the Cathedral of Light has taken over the Horadric Vault. And Neyrelle seems to be having a hard time holding back Mephisto’s corruption. Only time will tell if players will be able to help Neyrelle avoid the grim fate of being taken over by the Lord of Hatred…

Source: Wowhead

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