Video Game Argument Gets Ugly: Mother Shot Her Own Son!

A 34-year-old mother is accused of shooting her 17-year-old son during a dispute over a video game console.



Jaquana Butler, 34, of Atlanta, Georgia, is accused of shooting and killing her 17-year-old son during an argument at a video game console. Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone has been injured in a dispute over a video game.

Just last month, two teenage boys got into an argument over a PS4 console, during which one of the boys fired a gun and hit a 60-year-old woman in the leg. In other cases, people have lost their lives while trying to buy or sell video game consoles to people they met through online marketplaces. Usually, strangers inflict such violence on each other, which makes this latest case particularly disturbing.

According to various reports of the incident, Butler and her 17-year-old son got into some kind of dispute over a video game console. Authorities did not reveal the specific console. It is not yet clear what the nature of the debate was. Regardless, Butler is accused of shooting her son several times.

The boy is currently being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital, while Butler has been charged with “aggravated assault, reckless conduct, and cruelty to children” and is being held in the Fulton County Jail.

Butler reportedly has an extensive criminal history. This includes previous arrests and charges. According to the Daily Mail, Butler was previously “found guilty of second-degree child cruelty, child cruelty by causing excessive physical or mental pain, and battery family violence”, for which she was sentenced to six years probation. His most recent run-in with law enforcement, prior to the current incident when he allegedly shot his son multiple times during a dispute over a video game console, occurred last April. Butler was then charged with simple assault.

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time someone has been seriously injured in a dispute over a video game console. In 2021, a Texas teenager was shot while trying to sell her PlayStation 5 console. This happened at a time when PS5 consoles were extremely rare. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, scalpers and other problems. In this situation, the buyer allegedly tried to rob the teenager. But he eventually fled the scene after shooting him without taking the device. A similar context of the Butler incident and why he allegedly shot and killed his 17-year-old son over a video game console was not disclosed at the time of writing.

Source: Daily Mail, Fox 5 Atlanta, Fulton County, WSB-TV

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