James Gunn Does Something With Superman That None Has Ever Dared To Do!

MOVIE NEWS – Superman: Legacy stars David Corenswet. James Gunn has now revealed an aspect of the film that has broken a major cinematic trend…



James Gunn has shared a new Superman: Legacy update. It positions DC’s upcoming film as breaking the trend of modern Superman movies. Gunn is writing and directing Superman: Legacy, which will be the first film in his and Peter Safran’s new DC universe. The DCU will reboot the hero. Henry Cavill’s darker version of the character will be scrapped from the DCEU in favour of a fresh take on Superman that plans to bring him more in line with his comic book roots.

Gunn recently confirmed David Corenswe as the new Superman, and the actor will appear as Superman in films, TV series, animated movies and video games.

Superman: Legacy will not start filming until January, as currently expected, but the film has a completed script. Gunn reportedly handed in the papers a week before the Writers Guild of America strike. This allowed work on other areas of the film, such as casting and concept work, to continue as planned. The director also shared updates on these aspects of the film on social media. Meanwhile, he also confirmed that Superman: Legacy will break with an important modern Superman movie trend.

On Instagram, Gunn responded to a fan who volunteered to play a young Clark Kent in the film. The director revealed that the upcoming Man of Steel reboot film would not feature a young version of the main character at all.

Gunn’s revelation is huge for Superman: Legacy, as the film marks the first time in a long time that a young version of Superman will not appear via flashbacks.

In Christopher Reeve’s original Superman (1978), Brandon Routh’s Superman Returns and Cavill’s Man of Steel, Clark Kent appeared as a child or teenager. This helped tell the story of how the young Kryptonian became Superman. The character’s background is usually an essential part of the story. By not including it in Superman: Legacy, James Gunn really breaks with a significant trend in modern Superman films.

The film already embraces the character’s past in several key ways. The biggest of these is that Gunn wants the film to return the hero to more hopeful roots after the DCEU’s controversial Man of Steel. It’s also what new Superman actor Corenswet thinks is best for the hero. With that in mind, it might not be a bad thing if the upcoming film lets go of a previous Superman movie instalment, such as the casting of a young Clark Kent.

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