Stranger Things: What Can We Expect From Season 5’s Legendary Guest Star?

MOVIE NEWS – Season 5 of Stranger Things is taking a big risk with its casting, potentially disappointing viewers, mainly because it has chosen a star from the 1980s.



Stranger Things season 5 made some exciting casting additions. Given how risky it can be, it’s hard not to worry that casting choices could disappoint viewers. With its pop culture references to the 1980s, the series seems to have mastered the art of evoking nostalgia. Many younger viewers will be unfamiliar with some of the references back to the 1980s. However, Netflix’s sci-fi series incorporates the references into its story in a way that creates a sense of ‘faux-familiarity’ and revives its own forgotten popularity. One casting decision for the new season is to cast Linda Hamilton.

Considering that Linda Hamilton is best known for playing Sarah Connor in James Cameron’s 80s sci-fi blockbuster Terminator, it’s great news that she will be appearing in Stranger Things season 5.

However, since Stranger Things has only featured big-name stars in limited roles, Linda Hamilton may not get as significant a role in season 5. Similar to Hamilton, Stranger Things also introduced Robert Englund (of Nightmare on Elm Street fame) as Victor Creel in Season 4.

Unfortunately, he only appeared in two episodes instead of a prominent recurring role in the series. Even that was mainly in flashbacks. Robert Englund’s limited role in season 4 suggests that Linda Hamilton will probably get a similarly brief appearance in season 5. She will not have as significant a role as audiences expect. The Duffer brothers have previously stated that Season 5 will not focus on new characters. It will revolve around familiar characters. This seems to confirm that Linda Hamilton will not be given a significant role.



Stranger Things



Linda Hamilton should have a prominent role in season 5 of Stranger Things


Stranger Things season 5 should give Linda Hamilton a prominent role. This would not only be another pseudo-nostalgic nod to the 80s. It would also provide the talented actress with the screen time she deserves. Linda Hamilton is already well-established in the sci-fi genre due to her role in the Terminator franchise. If she plays a significant character in the fifth season, she could use her experience and expertise in playing Sarah Connor. This will allow her to add even more weight to the series’ sci-fi elements and character beats. Not to mention that, as audiences are already used to seeing her in the sci-fi genre, she will fit in well with the cast. Conversely, the reduction of Linda Hamilton’s role has its advantages.

For example, it could allow the series to focus more on the core characters rather than creating new story threads and conflicts around new characters.

Adding a new prominent character to the mix in the final season could also dilute the impact of the overall story thread. By giving Linda Hamiton’s character relatively less prominence, Stranger Things season 5 could maintain narrative cohesion. This could provide a more satisfying conclusion to the series. Even with limited screen time, Netflix’s series can present Hamilton in a way that effectively evokes her influence on the sci-fi genre in the 1980s. It also leaves a lasting impression on viewers. In this way, the fifth season will not spoil Hamilton’s talent. It will not risk diminishing the impact of the other primary narratives.

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