Ride 5: A Career Mode Tailored to Every Player’s Taste

Authored by Antonio Notarangelo, Senior Game Designer for Ride 5, the game’s career mode creation was one of the most pivotal moments in the development process. The objective was to ensure every player – whether a beginner or a seasoned champion – would find the appropriate level of challenge and be rewarded for the time invested in the game.


Currently, Ride 5 is in an advanced stage of development. Looking at its Career Mode, Notarangelo believes the aforementioned requirements have been met. The game offers two paths: the primary one, the Tour, is divided into four acts with events spanning championships to various types of competitions such as single races or time attacks. The optional path, the Limitless Challenges, provides four acts, each unlockable after completing the corresponding primary act, featuring a higher difficulty level.

Notarangelo adds that the game adaptively responds to player inclinations, which is also reflected in qualifications that can be time-based or single-lap. The former represents a more casual (and usual) approach, while the latter provides a more intense experience as it allows only one lap to determine the race placement.

One of Ride 5’s primary goals was to ensure longevity. They aimed to offer virtual bikers an experience that could entertain them for years to come. The Race Creator is a highly customizable tool allowing players to create their own races. They have control over various aspects, including the logo, name, and format of the competition (single event or championship), as well as driving aids, competition type, number of riders, number of events, scoring, and much more.

In conclusion, Ride 5’s Career Mode rewards players with powerful bikes at the end of each group of races. These serve as prizes and are essential for tackling future challenges, ensuring that racers always have the suitable motorcycle for competition. If players poorly manage their funds, they can still compete with a borrowed bike obtained for free, though in this case, credits earned at the end of the race are reduced.

Overall, Ride 5’s Career Mode offers an exciting experience for players, with a total gameplay time reaching up to 50 hours when completing all events. Thanks to unique races, rewards, and immersive gameplay, the game transcends all skill levels and ensures endless hours of entertainment.

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