Diablo IV Patch: Will The Game Be More Challenging?! Here Are The Main New Features!

The new update weakens some build options across all classes in Diablo IV, including the most popular barbarians.



It seems Diablo IV players have no reason to rejoice. That’s because the latest update nerfs not only the most popular barbarian build but a whole host of others. The mood around the game was largely upbeat.

The community recognized the shortcomings, provided valuable feedback to the developers, and was patient that Season of the Malignant would at least bring balance fixes that some classes desperately needed.

The patch notes for update 1.1, however, made public opinion worse. In Diablo IV, wizards only have three barely viable builds in the endgame. Yet the new update has taken a swipe at them as well. Compared to their counterparts, they’ve been given a new handicap-unique wand. The overall survivability of most classes has been gutted. One of the primary victims of the patch was the Disobedience Legendary Aspect.

With the significant downfalls of Hammer of the Ancients, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Strike, and Vulnerable Damage, many barbarian endgame builds were destroyed. However, it is yet to be seen if Malignant Hearts will fix the new weaknesses of the Barbarian class. This will undoubtedly be a massive blow to Diablo IV players who were hoping to have the franchise’s most iconic class as their main protagonist.

It seems that all five departments will fall victim to the new patch. The problems players have with itemization in the game will only be exacerbated by the drastic reduction in the benefits they provide. In addition to virtually halving the value of the three most important stats in Diablo IV, the new update introduces Barrier Generation, Lucky Hit Chance While You Have Barrier and Mastery Skill Damage for all classes. As a result, many players have pointed out that it will only get harder to get viable gear.

The open world is also getting nerfs everywhere, as power levelling has been removed from the game in Diablo IV.

In Season of the Malignant, if a friend takes a fresh level 1 player to world level 4 and sits them down at the entrance to a level 100 dungeon, they will only get level 11 monster experience as opposed to level 100 monster experience. Additionally, monsters start to lag behind players in terms of levels at higher World Tiers. This slows down the levelling process significantly.

Following recent buffs that the community has widely praised, Helltide rewards have been nerfed in the new update. The price of Tortured Gift of Mysteries has been increased from 175 to 250. The current mood among fans seems to be one of confusion and shock.



A Blizzard részletezte a Diablo IV játékon belüli áruházával,  a szezonbérlettel és a rengeteg megjelenés utáni tartalommal kapcsolatos terveit.



New unique weapons for all Diablo IV characters!


The new update adds unique weapons and Legendary Aspects to the game. The first season is almost here, but before that, the game will undergo several changes, and new content will be brought to players.

Diablo IV has released Patch 1.1.0, adding six new Unique weapons and seven new Legendary Aspects. With the latest patch, all five classes in the game will each get a new Unique. These are Azurewrath (Barbarian’s Unique Sword), Fleshrender (Druid’s Unique One-Handed Weapon), Lidless Wall (Necromancer’s Unique Shield), Eaglehorn (Rogue’s Unique Bow) and The Oculus (Wizard’s Unique Wand).

The list of Uber Unique items has also been expanded with the introduction of the Ahavarion Spear of Lycander, an extremely rare Uber Unique stick that players can find on World Tier 4, the highest difficulty in Diablo IV.

Diablo IV’s Legendary Aspects are extremely useful custom modifiers. They can turn rare items into legendary ones. The player can use the Codex of Power or slay demons to obtain Legendary items and extract aspects from them to get such an aspect. With the release of the 1.1.0 patch, the game’s classes gained new offensive aspects, which are Ancestral Charge (Barbarian), Subterranean (Druid), Gore Quills (Necromancer), Pestilent Points (Rogue), and Searing Wards (Sorcerer). The game’s new general legendary aspects are Audacity, a helpful aspect that stuns nearby enemies, and Craven, which increases movement speed when moving away from slowed or cooled enemies.

You can find the full Patch Notes at the link below!

Source: Blizzard

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