PlayStation Plus: September Promises To Be A Great Month, But There’s Bad News!

The PlayStation Plus free games for September 2023 are still weeks away, but cautious optimism surrounds the next batch of free games.



So far, it’s been a bumpy 2023 for PlayStation Plus. We’ve had some iconic trilogies and some impressive PS5-exclusive games, but there have also been a few misses.

For example, the free games in August didn’t really go down well with the majority of fans. Subscribers can currently grab PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams and Death’s Door.

While it has to be admitted that this is a pretty solid offering – especially the excellent indie gem Death’s Door – it can never be enough for everyone.

So why are there such high hopes for September? As you may know, Xbox plans to release a little game called Starfield on September 6. Since this giant RPG will be available on the rival Game Pass service from day one, we can assume that PlayStation will at least try to respond with a significant offering.

Of course, I’m not saying that PlayStation can really hope to match Starfield with free games in September. But it does have options. Consider that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming out in October. This could mean that in September, Marvel’s Spider-Man or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales could also be included in PlayStation Plus Essential offerings. Setting the stage for a PlayStation 5 sequel.

This could also be the month when PlayStation finally comes out with a big game like Ghost Of Tsushima. Again, it doesn’t really compare to Starfield, but it’s a big step that should ease the pain of PlayStation owners who have to hear from their Xbox counterparts about how excellent Bethesda’s RPG is. Either way, you look at it, PS Plus subscribers will be hoping for a hearty open-world game.

It would distract them from not getting Starfield and something like Ghost Of Tsushima or Marvel’s Spider-Man would serve that purpose.

Of course, there are still weeks to go before we know for sure what Sony has in store for September. Until then, I implore you go play Death’s Door! Frankly, it’s a piece of cake.


So much for the easy PlayStation Plus Platinum Trophy…


PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers will be annoyed to hear that an easy Platinum Trophy game has been updated. This has made it harder to get 100% trophies.

If you don’t know which game I’m talking about, it’s Stranded Deep. It’s a survival game where you navigate the Pacific Ocean, search for supplies, and try to survive as long as you can.

Until recently, collecting trophies was getting easier thanks to a strange bug. If you played the game normally and unlocked a lot of trophies, you could invite a friend to join the game. That person would share any achievements with the other player.

Even if you haven’t played a minute of Stranded Deep before, you could still unlock all the trophies just because your friend played first.

This bug was in the game for weeks. But unfortunately it was fixed the other day. From now on, if you want the platinum trophy, you’ll have to get it the old way and earn it yourself, although playing with a friend isn’t a bad idea either.

Source: TheLoadout

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