Red Dead Redemption: Huge Outcry Erupts Over Rockstar’s “Big Announcement”! [VIDEO]

The announcement trailer for Red Dead Redemption PS4 and Switch port has been bombarded with dislikes and angry comments from disappointed fans who were hoping for a little more…



Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive unveiled what many thought would be a remaster/remake of Red Dead Redemption yesterday. However, it seems early rumours may have whipped up expectations a little too much. It turns out that the original RDR is simply being ported to PS4 and Nintendo Switch! Because the PS4 is not backwards compatible with PS3 titles, and the game has never been released on a Nintendo console before.

This announcement has caused an awful lot of uproar among Red Dead Redemption fans, and not just because they’re disappointed that it’s not a full remaster.

The biggest point of contention is the asking price, as the game’s port will be sold at $49.99. (Which is a full release’s cost.) That’s a steep price considering it’s a simple port without a graphical update, and used copies can be had on Xbox 360 for a fraction of the cost. The ports are scheduled to arrive later this month.


What do we get for our money in Red Dead Redemption ports?


Take-Two has tried to justify the price by saying that the game includes the Undead Nightmare DLC and more content from the Game of the Year Edition. However, fans also pointed out that the port also omits multiplayer. This was an essential part of the charm of the original game. Many gamers are also quite irritated that RDR is again skipping PC, despite being 13 years old.

As with most big game controversies, fans have been voicing their anger on the usual social media platforms.

Gamers posted several threads on the game’s subreddit. They urged others to boycott the game and emulate the Xbox 360 version on PC instead. Almost everyone else said they would rather wait for the promotions and not buy it on day one. The official announcement trailer for the port was also bombarded with dislikes and negative comments from angry Rockstar fans on YouTube.

At the time of writing, the dislike rate is relatively high, with 57,000 dislikes compared to 28,000 likes. Players have also left a lot of comments. They say things like Rockstar “always disappoints” and that it’s amazing that the developer somehow managed to turn one of the easiest wins into another controversy (just think of the GTA: The Trilogy fiasco a few years ago…) After all this, it’s hard to imagine Rockstar regaining fans’ trust anytime soon.


The solution: Xbox?!


If you want to enjoy RDR with the best possible graphical experience, there might be a solution for you. For those with an Xbox One X or Xbox Series X console and a decent 4K TV, if you can get the original game for pennies on the dollar, you’ll get a fantastic visual experience. Because RDR is scaled up to beautiful 4K/HDR/60 fps on these newer generation Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, other consoles don’t have this capability, so Rockstar has simply ripped off their customers by taking the chance that the BC (backwards compatibility 4K enhanced) offered by Xbox, which is now four years old, and transposing it to other platforms at 30 fps.

Source: Polygon, Reddit, YouTube

Do not buy Red Dead Redemption
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