Cal Kestis Could Play A Role In Star Wars: Battlefront III

If Electronic Arts were to return to Battlefront under the Star Wars IP, they could bring in a lead character from another series…


In Star Wars: Battlefront, several characters appeared intergenerationally, so it was memorable to control Leia Organa in the second episode and fight Orson Krennic on Naboo, as they were never seen together on screen in the movies, and neither of them ever set foot on that planet. While it would be difficult for a third part to touch on what feels like fresh content without turning the game into an alternative medium, it could quickly bring a character into the story without significantly changing anything…

Cal Kestis could be moved from the Star Wars Jedi game pair. So far, he has only appeared in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. He doesn’t have any Force unique to him (if offensive moves are anything to go by), but his lightsaber skills and sidekick droid BD-1 would be a great addition to the gameplay. He can take single-blade, double-blade, dual-blade, crossguard, and blaster stances, and if these could be combined, it could create deep gameplay similar to Jyn Erso’s different blaster configurations.

Captain Phasma used a droid that affected an area, while BB-8 and BB-9E were separate characters (the former a hero, the latter a villain), so many features could be designed around BD-1. He could hang onto Cal’s back at all times, and as a skill, he could take down other droids, possibly turning them against his partner’s opponents. For this reason, it could be argued that like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’s Starkiller, only Cal’s character could easily be adapted into a new Battlefront.

There is just one minor problem with the whole thing. Specifically, Star Wars: Battlefront III doesn’t exist, and we’re not talking about the old canceled project from Free Radical Design. DICE hasn’t been working on Battlefront III after Electronic Arts showed how exploitative loot boxes are in II, to which the players flipped the publisher off…

Source: GameRant

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