Here’s The Valve Refurbished Steam Deck Programme – But Is It Worth Buying?

TECH NEWS – Finally, a company that stands by its refurbished products, and Steam Deck deserves it. Go Valve!



Valve has started selling the refurbished Steam Deck, naturally, at a much lower price than the brand-new models. What you don’t expect when you see the word “refurbished” is to see the words “warranty” and “support” in the same sentence. Well, the company is offering its refurbished Steam Decks with the same warranty and support as the new ones.

Used Steam Decks are sold at a much lower price than the RRP of new units for understandable reasons.

Even if a unit has only been opened and never touched, it is still considered used. It can no longer be sold as new.


Currently, the list prices for a refurbished Steam Deck are as follows:

  • 64GB model – $319 / £279 (was $399 / £349)
  • 256 GB model – $419 / £369 (previously $529 / £459)
  • 512 GB model – $519 / £459 (was $649 / £569)


Valve is offering the refurbished Steam Decks with the same warranty and support as the new devices. That’s an incredible savings, but if you ask me, the real value is the level of support for refurbished devices. Let’s just say the company’s reputation is good anyway when it comes to customer support and savings, let’s be honest. So it’s no surprise that it’s once again setting the bar high for companies selling refurbished products everywhere.

“All refurbished units meet or even exceed the performance standards of new retail units. Although they may have minor cosmetic blemishes, they provide a reliable, high-quality gaming experience at a lower cost.”

In addition, the FAQ section states that all refurbished units will receive the same support as a new unit.

Every Steam Deck goes through a rigorous testing methodology that includes a thorough clean, a factory reset. In addition, a software update and a comprehensive test involving more than 100 tests. Your refurbished Steam Deck may have one or two minor cosmetic bugs, but it will run and play like a dream.


What does Valve offer with a revamped Steam Deck?


Besides the refurbished deck itself, you get the following:


  • A full 1-year warranty (unless longer per your country of residence).
  • You will also get a refurbished power supply (which may have minor cosmetic blemishes),
  • Carrying Bag and Quick Start Manual


So pretty much everything you would get with a brand new Steam Deck. While the refurbished page doesn’t say anything specifically about returning the Steam Deck, there are several places on the site that say refurbished units get the same support as brand-new units. This does not mean that you have the right to return your refurbished Steam Deck for sure, but I assume you will be able to.

If there are any problems with your refurbished Steam Deck, Valve will gladly take it back and replace it with another refurbished unit – as stated on the main page.

Valve will test these units to ensure they are as good as the brand-new units they ship. This is a testament to the level of quality and customer service that the company supports, and we hope that many will learn from it.

Source: Steam

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