This Recent Change Has Really Made Xbox Fans Go Mad!

TECH NEWS – A recent change to the updated Xbox interface has upset some fans, questioning whether the change will be permanent.



Another change to the recently updated Xbox user interface has frustrated many fans. Games and apps have become harder to find. After extensive testing periods since late last year, here’s a sharp new dashboard UI for the console. The last major update to the dashboard was in late 2020.

Since Xbox dynamic backgrounds became a key customization feature with the release of the Series X and S, fans have asked for the dashboard to be less cluttered to give flashy new backgrounds more room to pop out on the screen.

But this was just one of many problems with the old user interface. Xbox Settings and Store used to be apps that clogged up the space on the dashboard once launched. Now, with the updated UI, the console’s most commonly used basic features, like the Store and Settings, are no longer apps. And the game tiles have been made much smaller at the bottom of the screen, so you can finally see the background of your players shine.

One element of the dashboard that didn’t change with the update was the location of the My Games and Apps tiles. In both the new and old UI, it was located directly below the latest game tile on the left so that players could easily access the library of games they owned. However, elsid 156 pointed out on the Xbox Series X subreddit that the My Games and Apps tile has been replaced by a “Browse the Store” tile.

This change is understandably upsetting to fans. Because it seems that Xbox is moving away from making titles owned by gamers quickly and easily accessible. In order to entice them to buy more games. With this changed dashboard, access to gamers’ games and apps will be reduced to a small circle icon at the top of the screen. While it’s still just a click away from the left-most game tile, the change has left a bad impression on fans who simply aren’t interested in more accessible access to the Store.

Combined with the other three large tiles dedicated to Game Pass and other game ads, fans would rightly be unhappy with the new UI update.

In fact, the new dashboard looks great. But there’s a big focus on encouraging players to spend more with ads. Replacing My Games and Apps with a giant storefront tile is unlikely to endear the updated UI in the eyes of fans. Perhaps this change is just a temporary test. But since the Xbox Insider program is designed for such testing, this seems unlikely. As the new dashboard update continues to roll out to owners, time will tell if this new store tile will stick around for the long haul.

Source: Reddit

Why did they put the store button where the my games and apps button was?
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