Baldur’s Gate 3: Will This Long-Awaited Feature Finally Arrive In The Game?!

Larian Studios has leaked that one of the most requested features could be coming in the new Baldur’s Gate 3 update!



What’s the one thing you, as a Baldur’s Gate 3 player, have been wanting for a long time? No, it’s not more romantic opportunities (although there’s never enough of those…) It’s the ability to customise your in-game character later! Finally, it looks like we’ve come this far.

Let’s face it: character creation is one of the most fun parts of any RPG. As one Redditor joked, “If you don’t spend at least 12 hours on character creation, do you even play BG3?”

Let’s be honest; hundreds of you have spent more time on the character creation screen than in the game, which means that if a detail is later out of place, you’re likely to have a tantrum.

Being able to change the look of your character later is something many players want. Including mine. BG3 has an incredibly detailed character creator at the beginning of the game. But once you decide what look you want, it’s locked in, and you have to keep it.

The fear of having to restart the game and relive the tutorial is real. That’s why, for example, Starfield has confirmed that later customisation will be available. This is a smart move that perhaps Larian should have considered earlier. However, given how well the game is doing, this is hardly a deal-breaker for PC gamers.

Now when one such fan tweeted, “Sir, please let me change how I look in the game. I’m BEGGING!!!!” BG 3 publishing director Michael Douse cryptically said, “things are being cooked”.

Things can mean anything. But given that Douse took the time to respond to the tweet, it seems unlikely that Larian meant it as a joke. Nevertheless, until the glorious first update goes live – a patch that is supposed to contain a “gigantic” list of changes – we can only wait. We’ll see soon enough.

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