Cillian Murphy’s Shocking Tobacco Revelation from ‘Peaky Blinders’ Filming!

MOZI HÍREK – While celebrating Cillian Murphy for his latest role in ‘Oppenheimer’, an astonishing detail emerges: he consumed thousands of herbal cigarettes during ‘Peaky Blinders’ shooting! How does this affect his future roles?


Lately, all eyes have been on Cillian Murphy due to his stellar performance in ‘Oppenheimer’, receiving accolades for landing a lead role in a Christopher Nolan movie. However, long-time Murphy fans aren’t surprised, recalling his prominent role in ‘Peaky Blinders’. Both roles share a peculiar similarity: Murphy’s characters are seen puffing away on numerous occasions. In ‘Peaky Blinders’, he became akin to a chain smoker, consuming thousands of herbal cigarettes.

In a 2019 interview with Birmingham Live, brought up by Slashfilm in the context of ‘Oppenheimer’, Murphy discussed the heavy smoking he undertook for his role in the gangster series. By its fifth season, he felt that the continuous smoking had taken a toll. “The very nature of this character is immersive, and portraying him is incredibly exhausting. Tommy is always on edge; he seems to never rest or eat. He’s innovative, clever, and dynamic – qualities I deeply admire. So, every day was a challenge, but also a triumph,” Murphy shared. He highlighted that although he’s a non-smoker, the historical setting necessitated constant smoking. Using herbal cigarettes, which are slightly less harmful, he consumed about five a day. On asking the props team, they estimated that he smoked approximately 3000 per season.

Doing the math, if he maintained that rate for all six seasons of ‘Peaky Blinders’, that’s a staggering 18,000 cigarettes! These herbal versions, while nicotine-free, still pose health risks. Combustion from any cigarette produces tar and carbon monoxide, known health hazards. Recent research cited by Slashfilm suggests even herbal variants might increase risks of gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular diseases, and even diabetes. Therefore, in a recent interview with The Guardian, Murphy pledged to avoid roles with a smoking character for a while, stating, “I’ve had my fill with ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Oppenheimer’. Even herbal ones have health warnings.”

‘Peaky Blinders’ wrapped its final season in 2022. However, creator Steven Knight assures fans that it’s not the last they’ll see of their beloved characters. A film adaptation is currently in the works, anticipated for a 2024 release.

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