Could A New DOOM Be On The Way?! Interesting Info From id Software!

Bethesda studio id Software, responsible for Doom, the beloved first-person shooter franchise, could be making another FPS title.



The development studio behind 2016’s Doom reboot and its highly successful sequel, id Software, is hiring for another first-person shooter. It’s been more than three years since id Software’s last title, Doom Eternal, was released to impeccable reviews and accolades. Eternal was even nominated for Game of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards and hailed as one of the best FPS games of all time.

Since the release of Doom Eternal’s final DLC, The Ancient Gods Part 2, a year later in 2021, fans have been wondering what id Software will do next.

After The Ancient Gods wrapped up the Doom Slayer storyline and Bethesda’s co-studio MachineGames became the more than competent handler of the Wolfenstein franchise, fans pointed to Quake, and even Rage as the territory id Software might visit next. With the latter being the much less appreciated franchise, a possible Quake reboot has become a popular candidate. Especially since Quake 2 recently received an impressive remaster.

The mystery surrounding id Software’s next title may be starting to clear. A recent job advertisement sheds light on the game’s likely genre. id Software has posted a job ad on LinkedIn. It is looking for a Senior Weapons and Prop Artist. Most importantly, the position requires the candidate to have worked on at least one first-person title. It’s a bit of a mystery why id Software is hiring for such a position, apparently at this late date. Barring any major setbacks, and according to the traditional timeline for AAA games, production on the studio’s next game would have started immediately after the release of Doom Eternal three years ago, or after The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC in 2021.

More importantly, id Software’s job posting also includes vehicles. Interestingly, Rage is the only id Software franchise to use vehicles. While certainly possible, it is highly doubtful that id Software would add vehicles to Doom. Or even a possible Quake reboot. Because those franchises have historically focused on player movement and a robust first-person arsenal. So that leaves either Rage 3 or an entirely new IP.

But given how poorly Rage 2 was received in 2019, it’s hard to imagine the lauded studio reimagining the Mad Max-inspired apocalyptic shooter.

The post also mentions that the team “makes AAA games.” It is also possible that id Software is making multiple games with different internal teams. But this is just speculation. As of yet, nothing official has been confirmed by id Software, Bethesda or Xbox. Fans will have to wait longer to find out what the celebrated studio’s new FPS title will be. Perhaps the studio will be ready to unveil its latest project next year. After all, it will be four years since the release of Doom Eternal.

Source: LinkedIn

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