PlayStation Portal: Not Limited to Home Wifi Use Only?

Sony has clarified that their portable console, the PlayStation Portal, doesn’t have to be confined to your home network. The company emphasizes that the device can be used wherever there’s a fast enough wifi connection.


Sony recently unveiled their new portable console, PlayStation Portal, at a market price of $220. While the initial announcement might have led some to believe it’s solely for at-home use, Sony has now corrected that impression: the console can be used anywhere, provided there’s a stable internet connection available.
Last week, Sony announced that their formerly known as Q Lite portable console will hit the market under the name PlayStation Portal at a price of $220. One of the distinctive features of this device is that it doesn’t allow for game installations. Instead, it provides access to games stored on the PS5 via Remote Play technology. However, the original messaging around the device was somewhat ambiguous, giving the impression that it could only be used within the boundaries of one’s home wifi network. Sony has now clarified this misunderstanding.

On the PlayStation Blog, it was suggested that the Portal could be particularly useful, for instance, when someone is currently using the TV connected to the PS5 and you want to continue gaming in another room. This might have led people to believe that the PlayStation Portal was designed to operate solely within a home wifi network. However, Sony rectified this in a Q&A page, stating that the device could be used anywhere with access to a stable, broadband wifi connection. For the best gaming experience, Sony recommends a connection with at least 15 Mbps speed.

Remote Play is not a new concept. This technology has long been available, allowing games running on a PS3, PS4, or PS5 to be streamed to various devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and earlier PlayStation consoles. The PlayStation Portal is essentially just another device in this lineup, explicitly designed by Sony to leverage this technology.

In summary, the PlayStation Portal is not limited to home use, and Sony has cleared up this misconception. The device can be used anywhere as long as a stable internet connection is available. For those considering using public wifi, it’s worth noting that you may not be able to control the quality of the internet connection, which could impact your gaming experience.


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