Assassin’s Creed Fans Are Excited for the New Aztec Open World RPG, Ecumene Azted!

Fans of the Assassin’s Creed series have greeted the announcement of a new Aztec-themed open-world role-playing game, Ecumene Azted, with enthusiasm.


The magic of the Assassin’s Creed series is that you can travel almost anywhere in time and space. From the medieval streets of France to the pyramids of ancient Egypt, we’ve traveled to many different eras and cultures, but the Aztec civilization has been missing from the repertoire. Well, not anymore: a new open-world role-playing game is in the works, and it’s easy to mistake it for an Assassin’s Creed episode, even though it’s not.

Ecumene Azted is an all-new first-person survival action RPG being developed by Giantscraft and is expected to launch on PC in 2025. There’s no official information about a console version yet, but if the PC release is successful, we’ll probably hear about it as well.

The game’s protagonist is an Aztec warrior fighting the Spanish Inquisitors in a Mesoamerican city, combining elements of brutal combat and stealth. Giantscraft promises that the game will feature a “strong narrative, a blood sacrifice progression system, serious combat mechanics, stealth gameplay and crafting”.

There will be three different classes to choose from in the game, Jaguar Warrior, Eagle Warrior and Snake Warrior. Although not yet confirmed, it is likely that each class will have its own unique abilities and traits. The Snake Warrior will likely be a stealth specialist, the Eagle Warrior will be a master of ranged weapons, while the Jaguar Warrior will excel in melee combat.

As in any good RPG, there will be upgradable skills that can be unlocked through a skill tree. One of the interesting things is that access to these skills will be available at the cost of ritualistic manslaughter. This not only makes the gameplay exciting, but also presents players with a moral dilemma: do you sacrifice your people for the greater good, or do you try to fight the enemy to the best of your ability?

Ecumene Azted promises to be an exciting game, but it should be remembered that Ubisoft has announced several new Assassin’s Creed projects, including the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. Ecumene Azted will have some serious competition on the market.

Source: GamingBible

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