PlayStation Plus: Fans Are Really Pissed Off – Not Enough The Price Increase, This Is What We Deserve?!

PlayStation Plus fans say the latest free games are the “final nail in the coffin” after price rises.



Sony’s PlayStation Plus service offers subscribers a range of video games, as well as online games and other benefits. For the most part, at least until recently, it didn’t matter which of the three tiers you subscribed to. Each offered good value for money.

PlayStation Plus Essential offers a small selection of monthly games, which remain playable in your library for as long as you have an active subscription. It also provides online games, discounts and other perks such as DLC.

Then there’s PS Plus Extra, which offers everything that’s included in the Essential tier but with a much larger selection of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 titles. Finally, PS Plus Premium offers everything that the previous two tiers have, but with more PS5 and PS4 games and a selection of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP titles. Plus, it includes cloud-based games and demo trials.

In fact, the choice of games on offer is subjective. However, it was difficult to argue that each level did not provide satisfactory value. However, Sony announced a significant price increase for PS Plus in August 2023. This did not go down well with the community. Mainly as the service has not been updated with anything new. If anything, the Essential tier of games, announced at the same time as the price increase, was not very impressive. The PS Plus offerings for September 2023 were deemed so poor that some subscribers refused to download them.

The hostile reception, not only because of the price increase but also because of the games announced for September 2023 in the Essential tier, made this month an opportunity for Sony to correct some of its mistakes and win back the favour of its customers.

Unfortunately, it seems that this did not happen. In fact, some PS Plus subscribers are calling the September 2023 bundle of games for Extra and Premium tiers the “final nail in the coffin”. Accordingly, this month’s games were a hot topic of discussion on a recent Reddit thread. Again, it should be noted that the value of each game is individual-dependent.

“This was the final nail. I cancelled my auto-renewal for next year. I don’t find value in this service anymore. I’m better off paying for a year of GameFly,” exclaimed LonzosJohnson. “Some great games, but it is not worth the price increase,” replied metabdd.

“I cancelled my PS Plus membership, those price hikes aren’t justified,” said overlord-33. “It’s like Sony went out of its way to disappoint gamers this month,” added a disgruntled TeamLeaderLupo.

It will be fascinating to see if Sony decides to add some big guns to their subscription service as the Christmas season approaches to compensate for the shortfall…

Source: Reddit

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