Digital Eclipse Breathes New Life Into the Classic Wizardry: The Early Access Version is Here!

The development team at Digital Eclipse is reimagining the 42-year-old iconic Wizardry role-playing game, which strongly influenced the RPG genre, such as Baldur’s Gate 3. The revamped game is now available in Early Access on Steam and GOG. The new version is faithful to the original, but brings the classic to life with the help of modern technologies such as the Unreal Engine.


The original Wizardry did not mark the beginning of computer role-playing games, but its release in 1981 and its colorful graphics and team-building possibilities served as a milestone in the development of the genre. The current reimagining is put together by Digital Eclipse, who travels through retro games and werkfilms. The Early Access version is now available, and the Early Access demo is available for viewing.

The new Wizardry is made using the Unreal Engine, but the basic principle remains: we have to explore the dungeons on behalf of the crazy dark lord Trebor to recover a stolen amulet from the evil wizard Werdna. We have to defeat the monsters of the fantasy world in order to finally face Werdna.

The gameplay remains almost unchanged: we fight in FPS view, the battles are divided into rounds, and true to the original, the difficulty level is very high. However, the user interface, navigation and other mechanics will be modernized. The developers aim to make the new version attractive to both newcomers and veterans.

Since the game is still in early access, the developers expect the graphics and other elements to be further refined. Digital Eclipse especially welcomes feedback from the community in order to create the best version possible.

The current price of the game is 30 euros, but this is expected to increase when the full version is released. According to Digital Eclipse, the full version is expected to debut in late 2024 or earlier. A possible console version can only be considered after that.


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