Butcher’s Crossing: Latest Stunning Performance By Nicolas Cage Will Shock Audiences! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Nicolas Cage plays a bald, maniacal buffalo hunter in the first official trailer for the upcoming western film Butcher’s Crossing.



Nicolas Cage is completely bald and suitably mischievous in the first official trailer for Butcher’s Crossing. The film is directed by Gabe Polsky, who makes his debut in the narrative feature genre with this film. Based on the 1960 novel of the same name by John Edward Williams. The cast also includes The White Lotus Season 1 star Fred Hechinger. Also, Jeremy Bobb, Xander Berkeley, Rachel Keller and Oscar nominee Paul Raci.

Saban Films released the first official trailer for Butcher’s Crossing on Monday. Check it out at the end of the article!

In the trailer, Hechinger plays a young Harvard graduate who heads west on an ambitious buffalo hunt with an obsessed hunter named Miller, played by Cage.

During the hunt, Miller kills more buffalo than he can skin and becomes increasingly insane.


What do we know about Butcher’s Crossing?


Based on both the first glimpse of Butcher’s Crossing, which showed Nicolas Cage’s shaved head and the new trailer, it looks like the western will be another wild and crazy role for the actor. Cage drew inspiration for the character’s shaved head from a somewhat unexpected source, Michael Jordan. As well as perhaps from a more obvious source. Marlon Brando’s Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now.

With another enigmatic performance from Cage, the result is a harrowing Western that explores the nature of ambition, which the director believes has been a destructive force in American history.

Although Butcher’s Crossing doesn’t hit US cinemas until October 20, the film was screened at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month. It has received generally positive reviews, resulting in a 72 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing. Many agree that the film is a solid Western that should draw attention because of its lead character. However, it largely fails to cope with the profound philosophical ideas present in the source material. As the Butcher’s Crossing trailer points out, critics have also called the film a “new western masterpiece”, “beautifully shot”, “undeniably satisfying”, and “a trip to hell”.

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