What Is the Importance Of Ezra Bridger’s New Lightsaber Colour In Ahsoka Season 1? [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Ezra’s lightsaber colour change is the opposite of Luke Skywalker’s, and it references their different roles in the New Jedi Order. Attention! This article contains SPOILERS for the Ahsoka finale.



In the Ahsoka finale, Ezra Bridger builds a new blue lightsaber. This foreshadows his role in future Star Wars projects. Initially, Ezra refused to take back his old lightsaber from Sabine Wren in Ahsoka episode 7. Instead, he used a unique fighting style against Shin Hati and Thrawn’s forces. Combining his belief in the Force and hand-to-hand combat, Ezra expertly stood his ground against a range of foes.

However, despite his insistence that he needed only the Force, his Jedi duty required him to take up the blade once more in the finale of Ahsoka.

Ezra’s new lightsaber hilt holds personal significance for him. Not only is its emitter akin to the one Kanan Jarrus used in Star Wars Rebels. Hanem Ezra’s new lightsaber colour also represents a return to his roots. His first lightsaber in Rebels season 1 was a blue blade with a blaster. It was later destroyed by Darth Vader on Malachor. This prompted him to create a green lightsaber. The latter now belongs to Sabine Wren. The fact that Ezra’s new lightsaber is blue shows that he has fulfilled himself as a Jedi. However, according to Star Wars Legends – pre-Disney canon – , the colour change may have a much deeper meaning.



A Star Wars rajongói régóta kíváncsiak arra, hogy hogyan és miért készített magának egy új, zöld fénykardot Luke Skywalker A Jedi visszatér előtt. Ezra



The blue lightsaber of Ezra means he’s a different kind of Jedi than Luke


In Star Wars Legends, Jedi Guardians have traditionally been seen with blue lightsabers, while Jedi Consulars often had green blades. In the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker switched from a blue lightsaber to a green lightsaber. In Ahsoka, however, Ezra does the opposite. When Ezra used his green lightsaber, it represented his thirst for knowledge within the Force.

However, by the end of the Rebels, he had gradually taken on the role of Jedi Guardian, given that he fought alongside the Rebels against Grand Admiral Thrawn.

At the end of the Rebels, Ezra gives up his green lightsaber and sacrifices himself – much like a Jedi Guardian – to save Lothal and his friends from the Empire. Realizing that he has changed as a Jedi may even prompt him to give up his green sabre. He felt it no longer represented his journey as a Jedi. Only in Ahsoka could he make himself a blue lightsaber again, as it now suited his current role in the galaxy. Despite his exile to Peridea, Ezra never stopped fighting Thrawn. He has proven himself a true Jedi Guardian by using his combat skills.

Ezra’s blue lightsaber makes him one of the most prominent Jedi Guardians of the New Republic era. After joining Hera Syndulla, he continues to fight the threat of Thrawn’s rising empire. Meanwhile, Luke’s green lightsaber indicates that he has taken on the role of Jedi Consular and has mostly retired from the fighting in the galaxy.

While Luke studies the history of the Jedi and tries to rebuild the Order, Ezra is at the forefront of the fight against Thrawn, determined to defeat him once and for all.

Even though lightsaber colour reports have been relegated to the realm of legend, the Star Wars canon continues to be based on the vision of the Jedi Council and the Jedi Guardians. For example, Rey attempts to return Luke Skywalker’s blue lightsaber at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In essence, she is asking him to take on the role of Jedi Guardian once again and protect the galaxy from the First Order. But while Luke adamantly refuses to take up the blue lightsaber and fight for the Resistance, Ezra Bridger is happy to take up the sabre again to fight for the New Republic.






The Jedi need both Consulars and Guardians to thrive


Historically, the Jedi Order relied on both the Consulars and the Guardians to function properly. Even during the Clone Wars, the Order needed Consulars like Yoda to stay close to the Temple and train the next generation of Jedi. Meanwhile, they relied on Guardians like Obi-Wan and Anakin to keep the peace on the front lines. Strong Jedi are needed in both roles, or the Order will cease to exist.

In the era of the New Republic, the Jedi need to fill both roles more than ever.

If Ezra Bridger does not step up to the role of Jedi Guardian against Thrawn, Luke’s Jedi Temple on Ossus will be in jeopardy. Likewise, if Luke were to give up his role as Consular and join the fight against Thrawn, the Jedi Order would cease to multiply for a time. Instead, without knowing each other, Ezra and Luke would work together to protect the galaxy and lead the next generation of Jedi. Both are key to the future of Star Wars in the New Republic era. Ezra’s new lightsaber colour in Ahsoka is just the first hint of what’s to come for his character.

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