Marvel’s Spider-Man Franchise Might Say Goodbye To Tom Holland?! Surprising Casting News!

MOVIE NEWS – The new Spider-Man actor – whose name is not Tom Holland – has been revealed in the copyright lists for upcoming MCU Phase 5 releases. It all comes with a long-awaited Marvel spinoff series update.



A new actor is set to take Tom Holland’s place as Peter Parker in the MCU’s Spider-Man spinoff, Spider-Man: Freshman Year. After six live-action appearances and a supporting role, Spider-Man returns in the Marvel Studios animated series. Freshman Year will explore Peter Parker’s early years as a hero. However, the MCU animated series will feature some major changes.

The latest copyright lists for the upcoming MCU Phase 5 series reveal new details about the plot, release date and cast.

Pre-registered with the US Copyright Office (via The Cosmic Circus), Spider-Man: Freshman Year appears to have cast Hudson Thames as Peter Parker. The latter will replace Tom Holland as the MCU wall-crawler in the animated series. Thames previously appeared in the What If…? He has already voiced Spider-Man in episode 5 of What If? He is also expected to declare the MCU’s Marvel Zombies.

This update provides valuable information about Spider-Man: Freshman Year and other upcoming MCU projects. However, it is also not set in stone until the actors’ strike is officially over. Or until Marvel Studios officially announces the cast for each film and series. Until then, all new information available online remains unconfirmed. Additionally, Hudson Thames’ casting as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Freshman Year does not rule out Tom Holland reprising his Marvel role. In future big Spider-Man sequels, Holland could still return as the MCU’s live-action Spider-Man.


Does this Tom Holland-free Spider-Man series even count as MCU canon?


Although Freshman Year follows Peter Parker’s high school years shortly after he got his superpowers, the animated series is not a canonical prequel to Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man journey. This series introduces new versions of characters such as Norman Osborn, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion and Doctor Strange. For this reason, the series is incompatible with the MCU’s main continuity. Instead, it offers an alternative take on Spider-Man’s unprecedented early years, with brand-new supporting characters. Ned Leeds and MJ, for example, are absent, but other allies, such as Nico Minoru and Amadeus Cho, take their place.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year does share some elements with the MCU.

Norman Osborn replaces Tony Stark as the influential figure who launched Spider-Man’s superhero career, and live-action Daredevil actor Charlie Cox reprises his role as Daredevil.

Other plot points and characters may have similar parallels with the MCU. The continuity of Spider-Man: Freshman Year can be seen as another universe in the vast multiverse of the MCU.

Given the standalone nature of Spider-Man: Freshman Year, events in the series are unlikely to affect the overall story of the MCU. This could be a breath of fresh air compared to the closely related story threads. Alternatively, it could allow future seasons to include increasingly bold departures from Tom Holland’s MCU appearances.

Source: The Cosmic Circus

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