TWD: Daryl Dixon: Major Character’s Return Revealed; Trailer For Highly Anticipated Spinoff! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – At New York Comic Con, AMC announced that Melissa McBride’s Carol will return in season 2 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. This will necessitate a new title. (WARNING! This article contains general spoilers for the upcoming Season 1 finale.)



Season 2 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will also see Carol return to the series. The spinoff series, currently airing on Sunday nights on AMC, follows Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) as he washes ashore on the shores of France on a new adventure following the events of The Walking Dead series finale.

However, the series has yet to feature Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), another zombie apocalypse survivor with whom Daryl has developed a long-standing chemistry with potential romantic overtones.

According to, AMC has announced that Carol will officially return as the main character in Season 2 of the series. In honour of her triumphant return, the season will be titled The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol. A screening of the upcoming episode at New York Comic Con also confirmed that this Season 2 return will be preceded by Carol’s appearance in the Season 1 finale of Daryl Dixon. As it was revealed during the panel:

“Melissa McBride: I’ve known there was much more to be told of Carol’s story as I felt her so unsettled when we last saw her, as she watched her best friend, Daryl, ride away. Apart or (hopefully!) together, their stories run deep, and I’m so excited to continue Carol’s journey here. This team of storytellers have done amazing work to land these two established characters in an entirely new world to them, and I’m loving the discoveries! Norman Reedus: My good friend, the talented, beautiful Melissa McBride, will be a series regular for season 2​​​​​​​. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”


Daryl Dixon is not the only TWD title we have reason to be excited about


AMC has released a new trailer for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. In the latter, we learn even more about the series led by Rick and Michonne. The upcoming spinoff is set to follow the events of The Walking Dead’s flagship series. Adapted from the original films, The Ones Who Live will reunite Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) after their appearance in The Walking Dead series finale.



MOZI HÍREK - Scott M. Gimple beszélt arról, hogy Danai Gurira és ő közösen készítik a Rick és Michonne spinoff sorozatot. Dary Dixon



The new trailer shows Rick battling a flaming zombie horde and looking at a smartphone screen with a picture of Michonne. Over the footage of him, Rick’s voice is heard as he explains that he tried to escape the CRM but failed. Michonne is then seen on her way to bring him home. Finally, a February 2024 release window is revealed.


Everything we know about The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live


In Rick and Michonne’s upcoming spinoff, the duo will battle the CRM, the most prevalent group in the zombie franchise to date. The six-episode series will reveal what happened to Rick and Michonne after their departure from the original series. Michonne focuses on her mission to save her husband. A trailer for their journey was shown in the series finale of The Walking Dead, where Rick tries to escape CRM while Michonne wears armour and rides a horse.

As seen in the latest trailer, it appears that Rick is being used by the CRM to clean up walkers in a particular location.

Since he’s wearing the same CRM jacket as in the series finale of The Walking Dead, it’s likely that these scenes take place before his escape attempt. If this is the case, the spinoff will cover a huge amount of time in both Rick and Michonne’s journey. They both want to get home safely.

However, in the course of rescuing Michonne and escaping Rick, they are confronted with the incredible power of CRM. It spans several large communities across the United States. This means that CRM could also prove dangerous to communities in Virginia. So Rick must flee without the group following him home. This also makes Rick and Michonne’s mission one of the most hazardous they’ve ever faced in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

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