Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Will New Game+ Mode Be Available From The Game’s Launch?!

Insomniac provides an update on the highly anticipated New Game+ mode for Spider-Man 2 and whether it will be available at launch.



Insomniac has provided an update on the status of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New Game+ mode. They have confirmed that it will not be ready for the game’s release. The confirmation was provided along with details on the game’s launch patch. This is something Insomniac says is highly recommended for gamers. Some would-be Spider-Man 2 players were hoping that this patch would include the previously promised New Game+ content, but sadly, that was not the case.

Speculation that New Game+ would be missing from Spider-Man 2 began in early October after an early access content creator shared that it would not be available at the game’s launch.

Pre-orderers of the game spotted a minor update and hoped that it could be the addition of New Game+. But this was quickly shot down. Still, including New Game+ in the original Marvel’s Spider-Man kept players’ hopes alive. Even if New Game+ wasn’t added to the original game until well after launch.

James Stevenson, Insomniac’s Director of Community and Marketing, took to social media on Tuesday to encourage players to download the launch update for Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man fans were quick to question Stevenson about the content of the patch. Among other things, they asked if the “new game plus and mission replay” would be ready for release. Stevenson responded, confirming that neither the New Game+ nor the mission replay feature will be available at the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The good news, at least, is that while he confirmed that these Spider-Man 2 features will not be available at launch, they will be added sooner or later.

This wasn’t necessarily a given before, either. True, few would have expected them not to arrive in the end. Stevenson should not have shared this information. Especially not in such an informal way. Insomniac’s transparency is part of the reason his games were so eagerly awaited.

As for when the New Game+ update for Spider-Man 2 will arrive, Stevenson says it “should” come before the end of 2023. This coincides with when the original Spider-Man New Game+ update was released.

Those anticipating Spider-Man 2 may be disappointed that New Game+ will not be available on launch day. But it’s important to remember that only a tiny minority of gamers will be able to beat Spider-Man 2 quickly and will want to start a new game immediately.


What’s wrong with the Fast Travel system in Spider-Man 2?!


In case you haven’t heard of it, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 allows you to quickly travel almost instantly to any point on the map. Simply select a location, press the triangle to fast-travel, and as Peter or Miles, you’ll swing straight into your chosen street. The thing is, though, traversing – or jumping around on a spider web – is going to be incredibly fun in this game!

Not only is throwing net wings back, but now we’ve added slingshots and wind tunnels to the toolbox!

As such, while fans are impressed by the fast travel, many outright refuse to use it. Twitter user kirawontmiss wrote: “I don’t use no f*cking fast travel when I’m Spider-Man”. Many others agreed with her. “Swinging in this game is free therapy,” added yeahyukki, while 4øø_kay wrote: “You can bet I swing every damn time”. We just need one more night’s sleep before we can try out how therapeutic it is to swing like Spider-Man over the streets of New York…

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