This Stranger Things Star Barely Had Words To Say About How Much He Loves Starfield!

Stranger Things star David Harbor took some time to talk about Starfield and praised the game, describing what he loves about it.



In a recent interview, David Harbour, the star of the hit series Stranger Things, praised Starfield. He revealed that he is a big fan of the game. As Bethesda’s newest offering, Starfield has fans among even the hottest celebrities.

David Harbor is famous for many things, but most people may know him as Chief Jim Hopper in the hit series Stranger Things, as well as the title character in the recent film adaptation of Hellboy and Black Widow’s Alexei Shostakov/Red Ranger.

Asmongold is also known to watch streams on Twitch, showing his gamer side. On September 6th, Bethesda released its latest, long-awaited game, Starfield. In it, players can express their creativity, build ships to travel among the stars and explore the game world.

In an interview with IGN at the BoxLunch Holiday Gala, David Harbor praised Starfield as a game he enjoys playing. The actor started by saying that he loves the game. In the meantime, he acknowledged the controversies surrounding the game and Todd Howard in general over the years. Habour went on to say that he thinks Bethesda’s games are very rich in their worlds. He described how he plays the game by levelling up and using exploits to “get infinite money and steal stuff.” Harbor describes his character in the game as “extremely young and extremely handsome”.

Harbor joins a distinguished list of celebrities who are gamers, such as the late Matthew Perry, who was a fan of the Fallout franchise.

Harbor seems to genuinely like Starfield. The responses to the Twitter post also reflect his enthusiasm. Harbour’s explanation of why he loves the game may seem relatable to other players. At least for those who might feel the same way about what makes Starfield so enjoyable. The interview itself is informal, as Harbor is talking about the game at the BoxLunch gala press conference.

Starfield has been surrounded by controversy since its release. In fact, some players boycotted it shortly after its release. But there are still fans who see the magic of the game. David Harbor is just one of many players who enjoy the game based on their own experiences. Starfield has been highly anticipated since its announcement in 2018. With fans like Harbor among its fans, the game could gain even more players in the coming weeks.

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