The Mandalorian Star Might Play A Lead Role In MCU’s New Fantastic Four Movie?!

MOVIE NEWS – According to the news, Pedro Pascal will play Reed Richards in the MCU Fantastic Four movie. In other words, the actor of The Mandalorian gets the role of Mister Fantastic.



Marvel’s superhero family may have found Reed Richards. Pedro Pascal, The Last of Us and The Mandalorian star, has reportedly been cast in the Fantastic Four film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, the film rights to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men returned to Marvel Studios. Since then, a new film about Marvel’s first team has been widely anticipated.

With the release date of the Fantastic Four movie set for May 2025 this year, production preparations have been accelerated, including the search for casting.

Today, news broke about Pedro Pascal getting the role of Reed Richards in the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie. DanielRPK first reported that he had been offered the role. Then SlashFilm reported that its sources confirmed that Pascal had officially signed on to play Mister Fantastic. Ultimately, Deadline reported that “the deal is far from done.” But the industry has confirmed that Pascal is in talks with Marvel Studios to join the Fantastic Four cast. Deadline further noted that “the schedule is still being worked on.” However, it seems that the actor and the studio will come to an agreement. Marvel Studios has yet to comment on the news.


Who will the protagonist of The Mandalorian play with?!


If Marvel Studios finalizes the deal with Pascal to play Reed Richards, the other actors have likely been locked in as well. Or at least negotiations are underway. Thus, the four main characters of the MCU Fantastic Four cast may be revealed before the end of 2023. With Hollywood shutting down for the last two weeks of December, the announcement could come sometime next month.

As for who else could join Pascal in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot, there were already rumours of several actors and actresses even before the SAG-AFTRA strike began in July.

During the summer, Mission Impossible’s Vanessa Kirby was rumoured to be cast as Sue Storm, while Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn was cast as Johnny Storm.

As for Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, there have been no major rumours. However, Marvel was said to be specifically looking for a Jewish actor.

It is unknown whether Pascal will officially sign the contract for Marvel’s Fantastic Four film. It will probably depend on your schedule. Having joined Gladiator 2 and The Last of Us season 2, among others, Pascal has a hectic schedule for the next few years. Hopefully, Marvel and Pascal can work it out, and the MCU will have its first official Fantastic Four cast.

Source: DanielRPK, SlashFilm, Deadline

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