Resident Evil 4 Remake: Despite The DLC, The Game’s Story May Still Be Incomplete?!

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a bold reimagining of the 2005 original. However, even after the release of the Separate Ways DLC, one piece is still missing.



Resident Evil 4 Remake was released earlier this year and offers fans a complete reimagining of the 2005 classic and the Mercenaries mode. Despite the original being considered one of the best survival horror games of all time, the remake exceeded expectations. It provided such an experience that RE4 Remake was nominated as Game of the Year at the Game Awards. Separate Ways was released in September and once again exceeded expectations.

While the combination of RE4’s story mode, Mercenaries, and the Separate Ways DLC make for an exceptional survival-horror package, veteran fans will know that a piece of the puzzle is still missing, as the 2005 original featured another popular side mode.

The primary campaign of RE4 Remake follows Leon Kennedy as he tries to save the president’s daughter, Ashley. During his adventure, Leon crosses paths with Ada Wong, known from Resident Evil 2, who helps him, of course, for her own secret motive. The Separate Ways DLC explores these motives in more detail. Thus, fans can get to know another side of the story in a unique campaign. However, the original GameCube title featured another mode featuring the character.


What did this Assignment: Ada mode look like?


In the original RE4, many post-game features could be unlocked by completing the main campaign. Chief among these was a non-canonical minigame. It’s called Assignment: Ada, in which the mysterious heroine took part in a mission of her own. Players were tasked with navigating Ada from Pier A in RE4 to the communications tower. Along the way, they must collect more Plaga samples for Albert Wesker. Ada encounters many enemies while obtaining the samples. The most significant is the final boss fight with Jack Krauser. Defeating Krauser, Ada receives the final sample and escapes.



A szinkronszínész, aki a Resident Evil 4 remake-ben Ada Wong hangját adja, deaktiválta az Instagram kommenteket a rajongók vitriolos reakciói után.



While Assignment: Ada is a non-canonical adventure, the events and final cutscene provide the best indication of the series’ future, as Wesker reveals that significant changes are coming to the world.

However, later ports of Resident Evil 4 added a second mission for Ada, Separate Ways. This provided a canonical explanation for Ada’s actions throughout the main story and made a specific connection to Wesker’s involvement in securing the sample of the Plagues.


Resident Evil 4 remake is not complete without Assignment: Ada


The modern remakes of Resident Evil provide an exceptional survival horror experience during the first playthrough. But it’s the post-game challenges and unlockables that will keep players engaged long after the roster is over. The Resident Evil franchise is a mainstay of the speed-running community. Fans struggle to complete each part’s campaign and challenge modes as efficiently as possible.

Assignment: Ada fits perfectly into this puzzle, offering one of the best combinations of both elements in the franchise.

The mode basically tasks players with pulling off a heist before escaping the island. With RE4 Remake’s modern system features, the mode can be expanded with countless additional objectives and difficulty settings.

It is unclear if Assignment: Ada will ever appear in RE4 Remake. That said, Resident Evil 4 Remake could get at least one more major update, a PSVR2 mode. Capcom can add more game modes to the title with the update. Although it may not be the most popular mode, it is also an essential part of the original game. Until the mod comes to RE4 Remake, a piece of the puzzle will always be missing…

Source: Resident Evil Wiki

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