The Super Mario RPG Remake Is Out – The Character Is More Popular Than Ever! [VIDEO]

Super Mario RPG took the legendary character on an exciting adventure, and this formula once again reminds us why our hero is so unique.



After years of gamers clamouring for a Super Mario RPG remake, the day has finally arrived. Nintendo took the original game, updated it with modern graphics, and added another exciting entry to the Mario franchise. (You can see a comparison video at the end of this article.) While it may not be as acclaimed as the original, players seem to love it, and some even ask for more of the same experience.

Thanks to this familiar adventure, Mario once again showed why he is one of the biggest names in the gaming world.

Ever since it was first introduced in Donkey Kong, Nintendo knew it had found something special. The character’s popularity proliferated. He soon became the head of his own franchise and then appeared in almost every genre imaginable. This created one of the most versatile mascots in the gaming world, which SMRPG once again fully showcased.


Mario has become one of the biggest names in the gaming world


Mario’s character began his gaming adventures in the platformer genre. After his appearance in Donkey Kong, the Super Mario franchise took off, taking players on exciting adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Although the story may not have been the most complex, the gameplay kept players engaged for hours. Thanks to this, the franchise continued to grow. Mario soon became the face of the Nintendo brand.

Instead of relegating Mario to platformers, Nintendo actually took the entire cast into a wide variety of genres.

Mario not only entered the world of 3D platform games with Super Mario 64, but the Mushroom Kingdom also appeared in many unique experiences that fans did not expect. Mario Kart introduced the genre of car racing. Mario Party threw our heroes into a board game. Super Smash Bros. allowed players to see who would win in a fight. In fact, the characters have discovered almost every type of sport imaginable. Along with all this, he was also the title character of several puzzle games, RPGs and educational games.



Super Mario RPG remake



Mario was almost everywhere, which helped create an incredibly unique brand. SMRPG once again showed players that the character can work in nearly anything. No matter how unlikely the combination is. The sheer variety has helped make the Mario franchise the biggest in the gaming world. It cemented Nintendo as a household name. While this was extremely risky then, it was gratifying for the studio.

Mario is the only mascot that seems to be able to fit into whatever genre Nintendo wants him to play in.

The only other mascot to approach this level of success is Sonic the Hedgehog. But even his franchise pales in comparison to Mario’s popularity. The quality of the various Sonic-led adventure games fluctuated wildly, and many of them failed to win favour with the public. The character seems to have been able to maintain a reasonably consistent quality. Even if the games weren’t popular enough to always sell extremely well.


A lovely tribute to the original game


Players can redeem Platinum Points through the My Nintendo rewards program to receive a retro-looking reverse box art for physical copies of the SMRPG remake coming to Nintendo Switch.

Since the Super Mario RPG remake has overhauled the graphics and gameplay, it opens the way for fans to discuss the differences between the Switch game and the SNES classic.

Nintendo has something for older fans that will likely rekindle nostalgia for the original. A reverse box cover is available exclusively in the My Nintendo rewards program.

As this is a My Nintendo reward, fans who want to claim it must have a Nintendo Account and enough Platinum Points. The reward is a printable reverse alternate box art based on SMRPG’s SNES box art. This can be obtained after redeeming 30 Platinum points. The back features the old 3D cover featuring Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach and Exor with Bowser’s castle in the background.

To complete the retro look, the SNES branding, old ESRB rating label and labels are also included on this back cover.

This box art is exclusive to the original Western SNES release of Super Mario RPG. The Japanese Super Famicom box art had an all-white background with renderings of the RPG’s party members. Including Yoshi, even though he only played a limited role in the SMRPG. The Nintendo Switch remake harkens back to this older cover, featuring a similarly minimalistic box art featuring Mario’s party on a white background and the SMRPG logo. This reward can be a good alternative for those who don’t like the current minimalist box art style.

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