Nintendo Switch 2: What Do We Currently Know About The Handheld’s Performance? [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Unfortunately, it seems that we can forget about 4K graphics in the case of the Nintendo Switch 2, but the machine doesn’t look bad either.



If you were expecting the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 to be Nintendo’s entry into the world of 4K games, you should temper those expectations for now.

In a recent episode of Digital Foundry’s DF Direct Weekly podcast, co-host Richard Leadbetter said that according to his sources, Nvidia’s custom T239 processor – which will reportedly power the Switch 2 – will not have a Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA). Leadbetter says that this would “limit the viability of Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) quite significantly”.

If your sources are accurate, DLSS on the Nintendo Switch 2 would likely be limited to 1080p upscaling or possibly 1440p for some games.

You can watch a clip from the latest episode of DF Direct Weekly in the video embedded below (via IGN).

This follows on from a report from Digital Foundry that identified the Nvidia T239 as the chip likely to displace the Tegra X1 in the Switch 2. In that report, Leadbetter explained that a DLA would significantly reduce the computational cost of DLSS on the device. Without it, the handheld will not be able to achieve similar convincing results. At the same time, based on its parameters, the performance of the T239 represents a serious improvement compared to the Switch.

Nintendo has never put its hat on graphics or performance. So, the omission of 4K in the case of a new generation would not be too surprising. However, this may disappoint fans who were expecting the Switch 2 to take full advantage of what their 4K TVs are capable of. Let’s add: as soon as Mario Kart X is released, no one will buy it because of its resolution, just like the next Zelda…

Source: IGN, EuroGamer, YouTube

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